Our Deepest Desire Is…

How many times in your life have you dreamed of sailing on the wind, higher than the trees and the world, carefree and almost weightless? I know that many of my most amazing visions have included flying. I remember a few dreams that felt as if I were a bird sailing freely through pathways of trees, back into the past, and breezing through the future. Last night, I dreamed I was a winged creature capable of flying quickly and easily through the earthly plane. I awoke feeling amazing, as if I had come out of my body and moved from the form of a caterpillar to a butterfly.

The dream made me wonder if my spirit were allowed to exist primarily outside of this human shell, if I would actually be able to fly. Who knows really? I do recognize that humanity has an innate desire to fly. As soon as mechanical devises existed, inventors tried hard to make one to fly, until the airplane was discovered. Even before that there are films of people trying to create synthetic wings to jump off of high cliffs, sometimes to their deaths, just to prove that humans could fly.

Then, of course, like the inhabitants of Babel, after the airplane, we wanted to sail higher than the world, to reach for the stars and invented rockets that flew to the moon and beyond.

Meditation is actually meant to liberate you from the constraints of the physical body. We are creatures that seem to feel trapped in our human shell and innately want to move toward what our spiritual nature is—our true Self. In my own imaginings and in many spiritualists’ accounts, the spirit is capable of flying, moving through space and time, and has the ability to change shape. If this were true, then during a meditation, we could imagine this blissful space, as we become the observer of the body and enter into a metaphysical state, which by definition is “out from” the body.

Many have tried to define the parameters of meditation. Buddhists would love to be in the simple silence. Christians and Jews are more apt to reach for meditation as a prayerful place where God and man become one. Other religions use a meditative place for worship. I am moving toward the idea that meditation is meant to give us wings to fly into a place where power and truth exist. In this place we find the spiritual gift of creation. What we bring back to the body in the form of faith could, and should, someday express itself in the physical.

Our entire spiritual walk is moving toward gaining this power, which is why our antagonist, the world, is so full of alluring ventures that draw us away from the pure power and peace that actually could give us everything we desire and need to be complete on this earth.

If today you could seek for one thing, what would that be?

* * *

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