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The principle of any science is invisible and just a theory, until it is discovered. In the time of Moses, for instance, electricity existed. However, Moses and all the children of the day did not experience electricity, because they had not discovered it. Yet, we would all guarantee that electricity existed, even though, it was not in the mind of man.

Our ability to THINK manifests in so many wonderful ways. We can constantly see beauty, yet we have not seen the Creator of Beauty or may have no idea WHY and HOW beauty had been created. The ability to enjoy beauty, in itself, is something we discover and experience by see manifestations of it. We discover by noticing manifestations.

The mathematician may solve a brilliant problem. The solution is not, in itself, the Law of Mathematics. The mathematician simply used the Law to get to the result. You don’t have to know the cause to use see the manifestations of the Law. Therefore, we can all use the Laws in the world without actually understanding or personally experiencing the Cause. This being said, our experience of the internal cause comes from external manifestations.

I believe the same idea exists with Self-Discovery. We don’t really consider looking inside until we see some manifestation that makes us wonder what makes our brains and minds tick. You don’t know need to know the cause of Mind to be able to use the Law of Mind to create a better YOU.

For instance, in my own life, self-discovery started at a young age. I was kind of like a prodigy. I picked up music, particularly piano playing, without many lessons or practice. I could look at music, and I would simply begin to play it. My experience with music (the manifestation) made me wonder why I could play so well, while my sisters and brothers, though equally talented, could not play.

Self-discovery is, by far, humanity’s greatest gift. Yes, we can manifest many objects, and discover rockets and new worlds by dreaming, we can build stairways to heaven, and study the stars from dawn till nightfall, but we may never know or understand the Cause. Does this mean, however, that we shouldn’t use what we know to learn more, create better, or go deeper to manifest a better human experience? I certainly hope not.

Without self-discovery these exterior manifestations really do nothing to help us grow as individuals. Unless you assess what you have experienced, daily, how they affected you, and how you could learn from these experiences in days to come; you truly live a life without much meaning.

If we make the same mistakes over and over again, of course, this is the definition of insanity. So, most of us know this, but few of us take the time to allow self-discovery to implement growth.

But, most of our lessons do seem to come by playing outside the lines and parameters of what we know is right. Therefore, in self-discovery, no condemnation should occur. You must not beat yourself up to learn a lesson. No, simply see your humanness in the mistake, make a mental note to do better the next time, and move on.

We all would do well to use the great gift of Self-discovery to manifest as more compassionate, more loving, less anxious people. Can you imagine a world where everyone was more interested in being a better person than using their divine energy for more gain, exploding things, jealousy and the like? We would have a peaceful world in which everyone gets to experience life like curious children, making mistakes, and simply learning from them.

In conclusion, to experience self-discovery, we must always look for manifestations of it in our lives. We may never know the Law behind having an observer side in our mind to detect what may better serve our lives, but we certainly can take advantage of this aspect of the Law of Mind to help us grow as better individuals.


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