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“The soul is the seat of memory (or subconscious), the mirror of mind in the individual. The soul holds the creative power within us, creating from the patterns given it, and from the memories it contains. We gather soul, or subjective force, as we accumulate the right kind of experiences (positive ones). The law of the soul is subject to the conscious spirit: tendencies set in motion in the soul, or subjective life, tend to produce their like in the objective world. From this is deduced the possibility of the healing power of the spoken word, operating through mental law, for the law of mind is always subjective,” says Ernest Holmes in the Science of Mind (parenthetical remarks have been included by me).

The above words are hard to understand. Let’s try to parse out their meaning together and see if we can make sense of it and understand the role of the soul and the subconscious in our lives.

The soul contains the memory—a record of everything that has happened in our lives. These memories, held in the brain trigger the neural pathways that cause patterns—both positive and negative—from the past.

The soul is subjective to—or DEPENDENT ON—our purpose or deductive and reasoning mind. So, remember: the soul is like the soil. We plant seeds there. So whatever we have planted in the past, if we haven’t uprooted it, it will still be growing there. The soul has creative memory, but this memory is subject to our thought. This is like the soil that keeps producing the plant or issue in your life that has deep roots and that you have not uprooted.

Very much like the soil, buried deep in the dirt are roots that you may not even remember planting. As the purveyor of this soil, we have to weed out those old plants and dig up the roots to get rid of the results. If you have ever gardened before, you’ll know that, sometimes, roots have deep connective tendrils that spread and entangled with other roots—the roots we actually want to survive and flourish. So, sifting through the dirt, we must find every last remnant of the unwanted roots to get rid of the manifestation or the growth from that particular OLD ROOT. This all happens in the Soul.

We can use our thinking mind to change the issues and tendencies of the subconscious with persistent determination. In other words, if we really want to get rid of the manifestations of the past and change the habitual thinking or act we keep doing, we must continue to observe the actions of our humanness and change the pattern with our thoughts.

If we go back to our metaphor with the earth being the soul, this would mean, daily checking for those unwanted roots and plucking out any manifestations of (or growth from) those roots. This means, not just uncovering the roots that are near the surface, but digging deeper and searching for the cause to make complete change in our resulting actions.

I am knowing that this Discovery will help you understand the nature of the soul and the subconscious, so that change becomes easier for you in the future. Please know that you can always comment on this discovery with questions, which I’ll be happy to answer.


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