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Last night, I went to a very interesting meditation group led by a man who called himself an Empath, which is a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. When I went to the meditation, I didn’t realize that I would be involved in a workshop about psychic ability. The Empath’s topic was the sixth chakra, often considered the third eye, which is at the pineal gland in the center of the forehead, the hub of our awareness and communication with Spirit.

None of us really know how much of this ability is actually paranormal or innate in everyone of us. I feel that we all have a greater awareness than each of us is willing to admit. The Empath said, “Most of us operate in ignorance on purpose about our psychic knowledge, so that we won’t have to try to understand it or use it to benefit the world!”

Science would agree with the idea that humans only use 10% of their brain capacity. I would have to imagine that the other 90% contains abilities that we would all consider empathic or psychic. As I listened quietly, not commenting in the group, I went into a meditative place. I wanted to see how my body and mind felt about being there, in the space with these people and with this Empath.

Checking in with your body is a great tool to help you realize if you are in a place of safety and listening to a person who resonates with you. Most people who consider themselves Empaths, in my estimation, are operating on a very low spiritual realm. So, I’m always a little leery about psychics in general. To be clear, I’m not against psychics, I just believe that most people wear the name without really understanding the call. In that moment, I had a calm feeling, which usually means I would be safe to stay.

I listened quietly and allowed for some of what he said to go to a filing cabinet in my mind. Other words, I took to heart, as I felt they were spoken specifically to me, which was comforting.

We all have greatness within us. Some of that awareness is empowerment from the mere fact that we are part of a great spiritual energy, always ready to be a conduit for this love, compassion, and creativity to flow through us. It’s not magic. It’s not particularly unusual or paranormal. It’s simply acting from a deeper spiritual place of knowledge. We all are psychic to some extent, if we utilized or learned to use that part of our brain.

Today, would be a great time to listen more closely to your instincts and intuitive nature (your psychic abilities). When you operate from this higher realm, your day will flow more easily. The more you begin to trust your deepest sense and awareness, the more you’ll realize that who you are is not just a human. You are Spirit living in a human body.

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