Our Thoughts Charge Our Molecules

Many studies have been done about how prayer and meditation effect healing. I used to attend a meeting of healing practitioners and quantum physicists that would blow me away every time I attended. In fact, I could barely understand what they discussed about half the time. Once, I remembered that one documented case was about a three-year-old girl who had her arm cut off by a lawnmower. The church that her parents attended prayed and prayed with the entire congregation that the arm would grow back.

The young girl was surrounded by love and prayer for weeks. Incredibly enough, the arm grew back. But, as the physicists explained, the DNA in young children has the capability to replicate missing limbs up to a certain age. Many people, including the child, thought it was the prayer that had restored the arm. But it was really the child’s natural physiology. In my estimation this was a miracle no less. God actually placed the ability in our molecules for limbs to grow back. What an amazing phenomena!

A book was written by Masaro Emoto called, The True Power of Water, which explains the ability for the crystal molecules of water to change with the power of thought. Actual picture were taken of water when someone was thinking about death, and the water crystals—resembling snowflakes—looked bleak and as if they were missing parts. Then someone would pray around the water or just write the word love under the water, and the molecules would become beautiful. If you haven’t read the book, it is mysterious and mystical and on the verge of auspicious how amazing water is.

The Catholics have always used Holy Water to anoint each parishioner before she enters the sanctuary. Water is used to baptize. Water is used to bless many different types of things. A vast majority of our body is made up of water—50-75%. So, if the molecules of water can be changed by the power of the moon and by mere thought, wouldn’t it stand to reason that our bodies could be changed with intention, as well?

This isn’t just faith that works, but science now is proving what people of faith have been believing for thousands of years. I love when science begins to prove faith. Of course, when science catches up to religion, there is little need for faith.

Even though Jesus was said to have raised the dead, the accounts of the bible say that even witnesses didn’t believe the miracle. So, you may be capable of changing something in your body—an illness, a pain, a lump, a cancer—and have no faith for it. As it stands now, though, maybe you don’t need faith. Maybe what you need is to understand the possibility of your own molecules and the magnificence of your own body.

If you understand that you are made in the image of Spirit God, then you would believe that all that you are is perfect, even though you may perceive something in you is sick or dying. Could this be an illusion? Or could it be a chance for you to believe in the possible fact that your molecules could change in the twinkling of an eye and with the mere power of intention?

On the opposite end of this paradigm was a friend, Linda, whom I loved dearly. She was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer. The cancer ate away at her body until she died about 1½ years later. I went through her illness step by step. I know she believed intently in her own healing. She even went to healers around the world looking for a miracle. But no miracle ever came.

So, I know, in some cases, life is just meant to end. But what if in your case it isn’t? Would take the chance of creating molecular change by your own intention to heal? To tell you the truth, I’m not sure I would have the fight or resistance to withstand a great deal of pain to stay in my physical body, if I were going through a deadly illness. Linda used to tell me that if it were her time, she would let God take her. But when it came to the moment for her to face her own body’s demise, she told me that she appreciated life more than she actually thought. She wanted to live. Her human body just wasn’t capable of healing stage-four cancer.

Life and the human body is a peculiar paradigm, one that we probably will never fully understand. When you mix the power of spirituality with our human bodies, no one knows what to expect. From Myrtle Fillmore, the cofounder of the Unity Religion, you find a total healing of the body. From my dear friend, you find death. Both were saints to me.

As the song “Everything Is Holy Now,” says, “So the challenging thing becomes, not to Look for Miracles, but finding where there isn’t one!” (Song written by Peter Mayer)

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