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Everything that has ever happened in our lives has come from a thought. Your greatest accomplishments started as a seed thought in your mind. Even the greatest of tragedies probably began as a seed fear somewhere in your subjective mind. But how much power do we really have in our thoughts? Is our belief THE creative power, or does our belief in our thoughts ALLOW the creative power of God to flow in our lives?

I remember a long time ago, I was in an eight-year, very loving relationship; probably the most successful of all of my relationships. But, I was one to always fear that I didn’t deserve my good. I was an anxiously attached man, even though my relationship almost always looked very securely attached. In the back of my mind, I would always think of the worst-case scenarios happening to me and to my relationship.

To this end, my partner and I became friends with my ex from my former relationship, after his very sad divorce. Somewhere in my mind I kept thinking that my current, loving partner would fall in love with my ex. I remember telling myself, “This is a crazy thought.” But, about one year later, after a tumultuous six months of fighting with a man, who seemed to morph into a mean person overnight, my thought manifested in my life in a huge and hurtful way.

Sometimes, I wonder if I helped create the affair between my ex and my current partner, or if I had an inclination or some insight that this possibility could happen. Nonetheless, when I think about the power of negative thought, this scenario rises to the top. I learned a great deal about myself and the illusion of a perfect relationship during those times.

Ernest Holmes, the father of the Centers of Spiritual Living, spent a great deal of time in his textbook called, The Science of Mind, explaining our part in the creative process. As practitioners of the truth, Holmes says, that we must hold our beliefs in what we desire as the most precious gifts. The extent of our belief is the amount of power we give to God to manifest in our lives. In other words, our words and the passion and belief we put behind our words are the “flood gates” that open to the power of creation working THROUGH US, AS US to manifest all good on this earth.

Listen to yourself today. What exactly are you believing for yourself and for those around you? Of the family member in the hospital, are you saying, “Poor, Mary, she is in so much pain and probably doesn’t have long to live!” When you could be saying, “Mary is whole and in the arms of Love, right now, and I’m knowing that she is comforted and she is getting the best care now!” Can you see the difference in a loving thought and a carefully worded prayer? One holds negativity, even though the thought is from a loving heart. The latter prayer opens the gates of heaven for the power of change to take hold.

Everything in our lives comes back to our Words and the Power we give Them!

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