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If you cannot imagine what you want or desire to attain in life, you probably will never see change manifest. The creative process is specific to building an amazing edifice. You must begin with a great blueprint and a plan. Make a list of things you need? But even more specifically, to do this, you must have a crystal clear vision of what you desire to create. Great architects even build small replicas of their larger ideas to maintain their vision. After they build these mock-ups, they show them to their clients to share their vision. So, how can we take these steps and manifest a new, happy, and prosperous dream from our declaration?

Vision boards are a great way to begin the dreaming process. If you have never made a vision board before, simply take a large piece of cardboard or a corkboard and begin placing cut out pictures from magazines and printed-out pictures from the Internet on the board, displaying carefully what you want to manifest. Print out large words that are key to the change, such as DREAM BIG AND CLEAR! to remind yourself to take time to focus everyday.

Most importantly, once you gain a clear vision of what you desire, you must move forward and take steps to manifest your dream.

Every building process takes a blueprint, a financial plan, and time delineation. You need these aspects for dream to manifest.

Once your plan is foolproof, you can begin to take steps forward. Building your foundation strong enough for your life to support your dream take prioritization. Know your plan and stick to it, no matter what you hear or see from the people around you. You are in charge of your new life. Take the reins!

Once you begin on your path toward your dream, there may be blocks ahead. But a great architect continues to see the finished product throughout the building process. You may have to sidestep some of your old plans to get to the end result. But, you will not stop—you cannot stop—until the vision is complete.

Ernest Holmes speaks of the creative process saying that you must continue to “treat” for your vision until you see the manifestation of it. This doesn’t mean that you don’t believe your dream while you treat for your vision. But, speaking your truth daily, like an affirmation, bears great import for your own mind to stay on target to your great and fabulous future.


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