Out on the Ledge of #Decision-making

Decision-making is simply a matter of taking something that is tangible and using your deductive, reasoning mind to create an answer surrounding the situation. However, with most people, making a decision is the hardest task in the world. For these select few, a decision means finality. A decision could mean that there is no turning back, once your signature is on the bottom of the page. A decision might question all of your integrity, from the beginning of your life. All of these answers bring with it a modicum of fear.

Let’s look at the harder decisions in life, such as leaving a job, releasing a relationship, or moving. I would say that these three life events are the hardest situations with which we could choose to make decisions. Yet, in all of these decisions, from the very inception of change, your heart and your mind knows which way to go. The arrow has been pointing in the right direction for quite some time. You just haven’t been able to step on the path toward your hearts true desire. Why is that so?

Recently, I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life. I would say that I stepped way out on the ledge of uncertainty when I left my job, my friends, sold my home, and moved to South Florida to be near my family. I would like to share with you the process of my decision, so that you can clearly see how to walk through the hard choices in your own life.

Inspiration: First of all, any difficult decision starts with an inclination or a direct edict from Spirit or your own heart. Once you get this inspiration, the next step is to sketch a blueprint of what your life would look like if you made this change.

The Blueprint:  Literally, use a notebook and mark the left side as your homeostasis side (if you didn’t make the change), then mark the right side as the blueprint to change. Start with the right side. Go through every aspect of your life that would need to change. Figure out finances, direction, places, jobs, and friends that would support this decision. Every good builder always starts with a terrific plan. Many decisions are never made for the better, because a person had an idea, but never fleshed out the vision.

The Comparison: When you have completed your blueprint, then you must compare your current life (homeostasis) with the life you intend to lead with the new idea. Look at every aspect of this change with a fine-toothed comb. Hunt for the nits hiding beneath the tangled hair of your complacency. You may find places in your blueprint that you need to make some changes. Do it! You are still in the idea stage. All blue prints go through an editing process.

The Decision: You’ll notice that once you have done the work of deliberation and culling out all of the fine details of your vision, that a decision isn’t so hard now. Even something as difficult as moving your life could mean a new start, time with family, moving away from old, debilitating relationships, and simply having the time and energy to make a shift in your spiritual life, too.

I’ve found all of these attributes to be true in my life concerning my move. I’m not saying that every step of the way hasn’t been a little difficult. To be honest, most of the way has been rife with change and an insecure feeling following me every step of the way. But, anything worth having, requires facing every fear straight in the eyes and saying: “I’m worth this change! I will build this dream based on the inspiration of my soul, because I feel led by God and Spirit.” Don’t forget that the last, main reason you have made this decision was because it started with a Divine Inspiration!

Coming Up: I’ll be talking more about the art of Uncertainty in the next few days. Tune in and find out more about this topic!



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