Out on the Ledge of #Uncertainty

At the Grand Canyon, I saw a rock ledge that looked safe enough to shimmy on to, to see deep into the canyon. As I was young and a lot less fearful, I decided to disregard the signs that said “DO NOT GO BEYOND THIS POINT” and walk along the narrow path to the great view. To my surprise, I was not afraid, but more amazed at the beauty of the vista. I remember the day distinctly, because as I was shimmying onto the rock, my 13-year-old nephew was screaming, “Don’t do it, Uncle Bo. You’re scaring me!” The combination of my own fascination coupled with the voice of his fear, changed me in that moment. I understood, a little more, that voice of fear in my own mind, fighting against everything that stands on the ledge of uncertainty.

As I have gotten older I am certain that I prefer what I know over uncertainly—absolutely, not doubt in my mind. However, when I think about life and the nature of existence, the only consistent is CHANGE—inevitable, physical, and absolute change! So, if everything is changing around me, why am I so hell-bent on holding on to the fragments of life that I can only somewhat control?

Brian Kessler says, “The closest to being in control we will ever be is the moment that we realize we are not!”

Control comes directly from fear—fear of change, fear of death, fear of financial ruin, fear of not having enough, fear of sadness. The list is endless. However, has any one of these fears helped me get past my desire to control life and live joyfully uncertain? No way, no how!

Yesterday, as I was trying to get my new license in Florida, which was an entire day’s work, and manage getting prescriptions for a dental operation today, my mother called and told me her car was broken down on the side of the road. Of course, I dropped everything and went to her rescue. As I was doing so, I noticed that I had become less resistant in the past week. Instead of being angered and frustrated, I simply let life unfold as it was going to, without fretting or getting exasperated. I realized in that moment, I had no control over the situation. As a result, I got everything done with ease and everything happened according to divine destiny, which is the best I can ever hope for.

You see, no matter how much we fret, get angry, or pound our fists, we don’t change what happens around us for the better. We only make ourselves more resistant to inevitable change, which creates illness, anxiety, and stress in the body and mind.

Today, try this simple exercise! Before you start off your day, say a little affirmation to yourself: “Though I may have my day planned perfectly, there may be a more wonderful plan for me, if I simply let life happen and bend with the change around me!”


Coming Up: I’ll be talking more about the art of Uncertainty in the next few days. Tune in and find out more about this topic!


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