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Yesterday, I awoke from what seemed to be a negative dream about rejection. For the first hour or two of my morning, I wrestled with feelings contrary to my belief and life. I contacted a couple of friends to pray with me—friends whom I knew would pray in a positive manner, knowing my wholeness. In times past, I may have acquiesced to the bad feelings and fell into a slump for the entire day and night. Instead, in a matter of two hours, I felt as if the negativity had lifted completely. I will share with you what I did to overcome the negative force that often besets us before we’ve even had a chance to awaken to a new and fresh day.

The day before my negative dream, I had a great audition, which garnered me a callback for three musicals. I was excited about this event in my life. What I didn’t realize was that my subconscious was also concerned and nervous about the next phase of auditions. I recognized this as I sat with the anxiety, listening to it, and inquiring of it.

Also, my boyfriend called and had made tentative plans with a friend for the evening. He included me, but his plans for me to accompany them felt hesitant. I suspected had imposed my own fears into the conversation. Nonetheless, the first half an hour of my day felt as if I had a black cloud looming over me, like impending, gray rain.

Not only did I, immediately, text two friends to begin to treat for me, I also called (not texted) mi novio to ask him about his intent for the evening. Having the opportunity to hear his voice and tell him that I had anxiety, perhaps for no good reason, gave him the opportunity to clarify his intent and encourage me with very calming and beautiful words.

Next, I said this prayer. “In this moment I know this: source is all that is around me, in me, and communicating with me in, in my dreams, in my relationships, and in my awakened state. I am one as this powerful force of enlightenment and am thankful for being a conduit of this great energy, firmly grounded in love, only love.

“I reach out of my human emotions for a moment to sit with myself and observe my life without need, fear, and any earthly desire. I see that my life is complete, because God is complete. My life has purpose because Source is purpose. I have the wisdom already to be and know all that I need to know in this moment, also, to work through anything that I sense, feel, or manifest as a result of this anxious feeling. I release my treatment to the Law. And so it is!”

I sat quietly with some soft music, allowing my words, my treatment, and the prayers of my friends to gently embrace my heart. Almost immediately, I began to feel better. I became liberated completely an hour after the prayer. I sensed a complete disconnection from the past fear, anxiety, and any attachment to the future.

The entire morning was a manifestation of the Divine. I had the opportunity to recreate, that which was an old story. I did this successfully and felt strong, afterward.


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