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Have you ever had a dream—a big dream that you worked really hard at achieving? You spent many hours preparing for the day your dream would launch. Then, on the day or the day before you were about to step into your new life, you got really sick? This is my subject for today: How to prevent fear from overcoming your dream.

The best to help you understand is to start from a concept. Spirit is all in all, so SPIRIT CANNOT CHANGE. Spirit needed a place to create, so SOUL or the subjective mind was born. From the creative power of this MIND comes all things manifested into form. There is only one Mind—DIVINE MIND. However, when humans came into form, they also had a brain and also shared in Divine Mind, which gives them, not only the ability to think and create, but also manifest human instincts such as hunger, weakness, and fear! (Humans can possess powerful attributes, as well. But, the focus here is how our humanity can manifest flaws in our thinking to keep us from our best intentions.)

So, humans can possess the power of Spirit on a small level in this universe. We can dream, sow seeds of desire into the cosmic, creative mind field, and likely get a beautiful manifestation of that dream. It is from this process we learn a great deal about ourselves and what we believe we deserve.

Below is a personal example of humanness rising up as sickness on the precipice of a beautiful dream ready to manifest:

If you have been following my blog, ever since I have moved to Southern Florida for my Encore Career, I’ve been working on manifesting a new dream using the principles of The Science of Mind. To that end, a dear friend of mine and I have written, produced, choreographed, and are starring in a show called: “Broadway Tonight.” Our nine months of work are on the verge of blossoming. Observing the process from afar makes me sit in awe of the grandiosity of Spirit’s power THROUGH US, to create what we desire from our authentic self.

Yesterday, however, we were to film some of the show for a promotional video. Wouldn’t you know it, I woke up with laryngitis. I haven’t been sick with any kind of cough, cold, or throat problems for the entire time I’ve been in Florida. But, on the day of filming, my voice begins cracking all over the place.

If I were observing myself as a Life Coach, I would say that something inside of my mind doesn’t believe I deserve to have success. My humanness—in the form of laryngitis—is literally rising up against my Spirit and saying, “Nope. You can’t have your dream! You aren’t a creator, at all. I’ll take away everything you’ve been working for in a moment, IF YOU LET ME.”

It was in my morning prayer and meditation that I got the idea to simply confess what I know about myself and about the gift Spirit has given each one of us to create. I started like this:

“Spirit, I know that you are all in all, the force behind, in, and through all of the manifest universe and beyond. I am a part of that whole; therefore, I possess creative power. I’m thankful for this opportunity to understand myself and the fears that rise to the surface, now. I reach creative arm out into the Mind and Creative Energy of the universe and use what is mine to make changes and shifts in my life and in my consciousness. What I’m experiencing now as illness is simply a manifestation. Manifestations can be changed by consciousness. Today, I choose to change this manifestation of my laryngitis to wholeness for my voice, which I’m seeing complete and done now. I release my intention to the Law. And so it is!

All day, I didn’t mention anything to my business partner, for I didn’t want to give her (or anyone else, for that matter) my fear. I simply went through my day, believing that all would work out perfectly that evening. I warmed up vocally a couple of times. Both times, there were about eight notes in my range that sounded as if I were singing through gravel. My throat didn’t hurt, which made me believe I could overcome whatever it was that was manifesting as fear.

I treated myself with kindness. I exercised. I did yoga. I meditated. I ate great and healthy food. I read some positive, spiritual books. More importantly than that, I took the edge off of my fear by indulging into a movie on television, sitting around in my pajamas, and drinking hot tea. In other words, I wouldn’t let my mind create the paradigm I was sick. Instead, I simply made the afternoon and morning a spa day, to prepare for the evening’s performance.

Even on the drive to the filming, my voice was still doing some strange, unexpected things, but I kept saying to myself: Everything will be fine. Once I got dressed, did a sound check, and was ready to film, my voice was completely back to normal. In an instant. I kid you not. In fact, I may have sung some of the songs better than I had in the past.

Why? Because I believed strongly that I was in control of what manifested in my own body. Fear had no place in my dream! And in that moment and throughout that day, I allowed Spirit THROUGH ME to take what looked like something negative and make it a beautiful lesson about personal power!


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