FEAR: How It Can Chain You!

“If the public were to reach a fearless state, then the international bankers and the policymakers who are running the show behind the corporations and media would no longer have the ability to control the people would no longer have the ability to dictate the flow of currency.

It is the very fact that people are paralyzed by their own fears that prevents them from doing anything productive; that prevents them from any real efforts to try to make adjustments in their lives in directions that will be most suitable for them. It is this fear that is the great limiter and there great binder; it is an anchor that locks you to the bottom of the ocean of possibility, forever to go around your loop; to go around the permitter of a circus cage.” (The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayceby Wynn Free and David Wilcock)

What struck me most about this amazing channeled passage from the Ra group was this sentence: “It is this very fact that people are paralyzed by their own fears that prevent from doing anything productive… it is an anchor that locks you to the bottom of the ocean of possibility.”

Is this not the truest statement you have read in a long time? It was for me. Fear has kept me locked from being the best I could ever be. It has kept me from opportunity after opportunity, year after year, moment after moment. It has kept me less than and poorer than I ever needed to be throughout my life.

Where does this fear come from? you might ask.

For me, I know it was a childhood of endless emotional needs and abandonment, which ultimately made me anxiously attached to everything from money to relationship. When you can’t see past your fear you end up creating a wall around your life, limiting the possibility of ever reaching past this cage around. It is this same fear that will keep you chained to your past and never let you go; unless you decide that fear can no longer rule your life.

My husband and I have been coming to the same conclusion at the same time. We pray daily—sometimes a few times a day—to be used on this Earth to create positivity in the world; for prosperity, for truth, for wisdom, for love, right relationship, and compassion for all living creatures. I believe that this continuing fellowship of our souls has led us to this truth about releasing fear. Fear has kept us bound for a long time, all of us. Fortunately, for Dave and me, we have found each other to help heal the wounds of the past.

Of course, I pray that you too find help. I know that recognizing fear before it begins to take root in your mind is the means to truly eradicate this cancer. When FEAR is completely cut out and radiated to oblivion, then and only then, will be all be able to rise up and begin to change our lives. In turn, of course, we can begin to help change the world to the positive unity that we want and deserve—a life where the lion will lay with the lamb, where compassion will not be scarce.

Trust in your soul today that you have been given the power to overcome this fear. If you need help, you know you can call me. I am trained in this kind of help. I can do this work from anywhere if you have a phone or a computer. The cost is minimal if you would want to change your life toward the positive. I know I’ve been called to help people like you, so if you don’t have the money, or can’t contribute to pay for a session, please let me know right away. The angels have asked me to help. I too am from the Ra group.

The normal cost for a session is $125 for an hour.

How Is Any Food Product Going to Affect Your Body?

In the past 2 weeks I have been dealing with my website being hacked. Literally, someone targeted this Vegan site to destroy it. I have spent hundreds of dollars to get it working again and to clean up the virus. I’m amazed that someone would feel that this small website would do harm to anyone. I can’t imagine who would want to target me, in particular; but, it happened nonetheless.

I wanted to let you know, because I assume that if someone is trying to shut you down, you are probably sharing information that is important. A whistleblower I am not, I don’t believe. However, I do want to get helpful information to the public about health and vegan lifestyles. If that scares factory farms and the other sites that promote anti-vegan health, than bring it on. My site is complete secure now.

Today’s blog is about listening to your inner wisdom and, also, a simple correction about my blog—two weeks ago—about #hexane in your soy products

I have been assured by multiple people that #hexane is used in soy products like any fuel is used to heat a product. #Hexane is never mixed into the product or used as an additive. The only risk of #hexane getting into the product is by the fumes, which is possible. However, I’m told that the amount that can seep into any soy protein products is so minimal that it is almost immeasurable. I have no actually scientific study to back-up this information, so take it with a grain of salt.

Albeit, we still should always stay aware of any faction that seeks to taint vegan products’ reputation that, first, to help packagers realize that we are watching and, second, because if we feel our body rejects the product by having digestion problems, we should stay clear of eating it.

It doesn’t matter to me what the packaging says on a product. If I eat it and feel poorly, I stop eating it. Not every body needs the same vitamins and minerals. This is why you must stay aware and clear-minded when it comes to your health and diet. No one can direct you to the perfect path.

As even Jesus says, “Physician, heal yourself!” Your senses and feelings are your own physician, you must always pay attention to what you feel, when you’re feeling it.

Often I’ll go to the store and put a beautiful vegetable near my stomach. If my body draws closer to the vegetable, I assume that the answer is that I need the vitamins and minerals from it. If my body moves away from it, I don’t buy it, even if it is fresh and looks perfect. Every day, every moment, we need certain elements in our body to help it function better. That’s what hunger and intuition is for. If you don’t clear your mind of negative sugars, salts, fatty foods and dense proteins, you will never have a clear enough perspective to see what is good and right for you. The process I describe above is called kinesiology. 

Remember, for instance, if you are addicted to sugar, you will crave it because theyeast inside your bodyacts as a hunger trigger. So, negatives can mimic positive things. So, clearing your body and mind of things that are proven to cause diabetes, heart disease, and organ problems is the first way to get yourself ready to listen to the innate function of the inner physician that lives in all of us.


SSL Certificates and Google… (Coming Soon—Customer Beware)

After next month, you will not be able to look for site that don’t have #SSL_certificates, which means that the site will begin with Https, instead of Http! Google is requiring this because of security reasons, of course, but for the person who is just a daily blogger and isn’t monetizing their site, this causes a bigger expense than I’ve ever encountered. I’m wondering if less people (especially kids who don’t have the money to spend on a $250 a year secure site) will be invading the web with millions of websites. Below is my story:

The web is a dark place when it comes to things that most of don’t see going on. We look at the nice pictures and don’t look at the code beneath that could be infecting your computer as you look. More and more we need to be advised—as I hope I am doing now—to make your sites and anything you host, even your email, as secure as possible. Companies aren’t lying to you when it comes to adding the most security you can on your computer. Run virus programs on a  monthly basis or in the background, because your computers (even Macs, which mine is) are susceptible to malware that is trying to infect everyone, no matter who you are.

I have been through the ringer with my 3 websites in the past 2 weeks. If you have been trying to get to a link for angel feast or Finding Authentic You, you probably were not able to get through. Why? Scammers tried to fry my websites…

I ask myself why anyone would want to do such a thing to a harmless blog that isn’t even making any money. It’s just there to help people. I can think of no reason except that (1) people are mean (2) web companies want people to hack their clients so they will buy their security products or (3) or there is a real threat to anyone like me who is against Factory Farms. I’m at a loss, otherwise.

Anyhow, what has happened in the past 2 weeks, after much fuss over my website from the developing site was that it realized that 13,000 of my users were Spammers out the 17,000.  This really doesn’t bother me, because when you look at a blog, you basically look at how many people visit your site, not how many users you have that signed up. Users don’t add up to much, in the end, especially because most users don’t continue to come back every day.

I say all of this because $650 later, I finally have my blogs and website back up and they are fully secured with SSL certificates. You will be able to search for my sites, subjects, and not have to worry about any kind of garbage spammers following you into a dark garage with disembodied spirits floating around. That might sound like a harsh metaphor, but it actually isn’t.

Buyer beware. Observer beware. Friends and clients, beware what you click on in the future. The World Wide Web has become a place where people sway elections and spam all of us into believing what we see. Remember this: Only the people who understand code actually know where pictures and corrupt spam come from. I’m not one of them.

What you want to look for is a secure site: HTTPS, not http…. in the future!