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“Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” was a song written and recorded by James Brown. It was his first song to hit Billboard charts and, also, won him his first Grammy Award. Right now in my own consciousness, I’m just about ready to embark on a brand new everything, as I’m moving to Florida in a month. My house is sold. Most of things are packed, and I have sold or given away everything that I haven’t used in the past two years, anything that has a bad memory attached to it, and especially those items that were attained during a relationship that no longer exists. What exactly have I done to produce “prosperity consciousness”?

Everything you need to know about creating prosperity in your life can be contained in one small aphorism: “If your vessel is full, nothing more can fit in it. If it is emptied, the universe has the opportunity to fill it with something new and wonderful!”

To explain further, if you fill your life with hassles, personal issues, problems, complaining, and old behavior; where will there be room for your brand new life? As I was moving through every item in my house, meticulously, before I packed it; I had one box to my left for things that I would give away and one box to my right for things to throw away. In other words, I didn’t even want to take some of these memories and give them to a friend or even the Salvation Army. This was how toxic these items were to me.

My mother saw me moving through some of my jewelry in this process. I had 3—yes 3—wedding rings still in my top drawer. As I threw them in the garbage can, she went a diving in! I told her, “Mom, don’t take those things back after I threw them away!”

She said, “But they are worth money!”

I responded (and what I said really spoke to my own heart): “Are they really worth anything to either of us, if they hold bad memories and heartache?” She agreed and dropped the diamond studded necklace that one partner gave me into my throw-away bag. I felt empowered when I saw the big green garbage truck drive away with all of my junky memories. More importantly, now, I have room for all the newness and power God has sent angels ahead to prepare for me. My consciousness keeps getting more and more open for this wonderful new experience.

I got frustrated because my home didn’t sell immediately and I had to spend so much time alone in a house that usually had people in it all the time. Now, I understand that the reason was because I had to grieve my losses, challenge myself to understand the new needs of my heart, and most importantly, rid my life of the past, so that the future could be new and bold! Where in your life are you holding on to things that keep your prosperity from flowing?


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