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Researchers show that 50,- to 70,000 thoughts go through any individual’s mind per day and 35 to 45 thoughts a minute surge through our busy brains. Yesterday, I posed the question: How do we control what comes in and out of our minds in any given minute?

The change in the stimulus to the brain comes from two modalities: self-inquiry and meditation, which allows your mind to go from a cognitive, reasoning place (1 + 1 = 2) to a nonreactive place or the creative center of the brain (imagination) we’ll call the Observer Mind. Today, we’ll focus on meditation.

For most people, they throw up their hands and say, “I’ll never be able to quiet my mind, so I’m not even going to try.” But the process of switching the gears in your mind is actually very simple. It takes practice, though, which is why meditation is required. You go to the gym or spend quiet time reading. Just schedule 10-15 more minutes into your day for meditation. Even ten minutes each morning, before you get out of bed, can change your entire day. Trust me on this! I’ve seen lives completely change as a result of ten to fifteen simple minutes and these easy exercises.

  1. Sit up. If you lie down while you are trying this, you will usually fall back to sleep. The objective is for the BODY to fall asleep, but the CONSCIOUS MIND to stay aware and awake. So, you actually are aware enough to feel the weight of your own humanity roll off of you while you meditate. This feeling of weightlessness is pure delight to the soul. When you get to this space in meditation, you will realize immediately, why so many people swear by this practice.
  2. I use an APP from my phone called Insight Timer. It’s a free APP that rings a gong or a bell in intervals, to keep you alert, incase you happen to nod off. I set my app for every 3-4 minutes. Make sure the bell or gong is loud enough to wake you, but not to scare you.
  3. Set an intention. This part of the process, many people miss. Their intention is simply to quiet the mind. However, as we have seen, the mind has its own agenda, thinking voluminous amounts of thoughts without our deductive reasoning. So, don’t focus in on “no thoughts.” Focus in on a particular thought or dream that fascinates you. For me, I love to think about the energy that creates new universes. I imagine this God energy comes from my heart center and flows into new worlds and planets. So, I’ve connected my own spiritual energy to my intention. This is important.
  4. For a long time, my goal was to get out of my body and to fly with abandonment in meditation. I had experienced this feeling a few times before, where I had flying dreams. It was so amazing that I wanted to feel it over and over again. But, meditation is more about connecting your humanness to God Consciousness. So, focusing in on one part of your body while sitting, actually grounds you and allows you to experience a heavenly, spiritual place, while still in the human body. This is the goal. Meditation would be of no earthly good if it were only meant to tease us with what heaven might feel like. We live on earth and must spend 24-hours a day functioning as spiritual humans. So, the goal is quite the opposite: Finding a spiritual place to go in our human state!
  5. Lastly, when your insight timer goes off, have a few words that you say to yourself (without speaking aloud) that are a positive affirmation. A few examples may be: “My day already is perfect and wonderful.” “Nothing can take away the love that is Me.” “Prosperity flows in and through me always.” “My body is whole and free of all disease.”

Tune in tomorrow for my last part of this series. I’ll explain the dynamics of self-inquiry.


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