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Last night I watched a documentary on Nova about CYBER AWARENESS and the latest research in keeping people out of your Internet property. The most interesting of the news was how the use of particle physics is now being used to find—what would have taken 10 computer a million years. This research is based on how observing matter actually changes it. Of course, I immediately, thought about how relevant this research is to prove our studies of meditation and the use our own observer mind in matters of changing the course or path in our lives.

Researchers show that 50,- to 70,000 thoughts go through any individual’s mind per day and 35 to 45 thoughts a minute surge through our busy brains. Yesterday, I posed the question: How do we control what comes in and out of our minds in any given minute? The change in the stimulus to the brain comes from two modalities: self-inquiry and meditation, which allows your mind to go from a cognitive, reasoning place (1 + 1 = 2) to a nonreactive place or the creative center of the brain (imagination) we’ll call the Observer Mind. Today, we’ll focus on meditation. Today we focus in on SELF-INQUIRY.

This process is much easier than you would imagine; however, you must be open to researching your own thoughts and their inceptions. For instance, you find yourself thinking about an old song from your childhood. In that moment, you may ask yourself, “What thoughts stimulated my pathway back to the memory of this particular song?” You discover these steps: You talked to an old friend who was with you on the day of your father’s funeral. On the way to the funeral the song played on the radio.

This is the simplest of self-inquiry. The matter of making substantial change in the mind takes actually CONFRONTING your own thought process with reason and UNIVERSAL LAW. Our minds memorize patterns of thought. In so doing, the mind wants to keep up with old patterns. But, once you OBSERVE A PATTERN, it’s likely to have to change.

Let’s try an example: You notice that every time your boyfriend talks about money, you get very anxious; so much so, that you start a fight to combat thinking about it and divert your attention. He points this out to you. You decide whether or not you want to look at this fact and observe it in yourself.

If you do, then the process of change can begin at this point. The next time you begin to talk about money with your boyfriend, you feel your own anxiety. This is the time to begin self-inquiry. Ask yourself: Why am I feeling this way? Where, in my body, do I feel something, and exactly how does it feel? Have I felt this feeling before and when?

All of these questions will hopefully lead you back to the inception of this pattern of thinking. When you discover the pattern, then it is likely possible to change the pattern with some help from a hypnotherapist, a life coach, or a psychologist who has been trained in hypnosis.

The reason why I’m limiting the practitioners to use is because the ones who are trained in changing neural pathway triggers have a special edge in helping your more quickly. If a therapist practices traditional psychology, he or she may not know the ins and outs of helping people change with modalities like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), IFS (Internal Family Systems), NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, and Anchoring.

All of the above modalities can help you make change much quicker than traditional talk therapy. In some cases, with only five sessions, the change needed in the brains processing center could successfully cause a different outcome; whereas, a client may take years in traditional talk therapy to get to the same scenario. If you would like to discuss your own issues with a professional, you can write to me at bosebastian5@gmail.com. I am trained in most of the above modalities, and I’m also a Life Coach. I work with my clients either on the phone or on Skype or Facetime. I’d love to help you out. My fees are generally lower than traditional therapy, as well.

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