Peace is Contingent upon No Attachments!

This blog is about having no attachment to the outcome of anything in your life. What does releasing your physical and mental world to the powers of the Universe do for the soul?


How important is peace to your body and soul? Every day we have one huge choice: Be the light that we are meant to be!

If you can do that, you can live a life in perfect peace. Your soul (or sole) responsibility to the world is simply being a conduit to the love, compassion, and joy of God expressing! If you can be that, cut through the shit of expectation, disappointment, and anxiety; then, you will be able to put your soul to rest at night with nothing but your best, each day!


I have had an amazing few days, the kind of days you only imagine of in dreams. One of the smaller events that happened to me was that I was selected for a major role in a commercial by a well-known casting director and producer. This is what’s known as being on “First Refusal.” In other words, the director loves you, the casting director thinks your perfect for the role, and those two people are going to try to convince the client (the person paying for the project) to pick you as their first choice. Nine times out of ten, you can count on a first refusal turning into a job. At least, in my life that has been the case. However, I have been on hold (which means you are second or third choice) and have gotten the job, so that means that the opposite can happen.

Long story short, after an amazing week, the first refusal turned into a definite refusal from the client. When I got the message from my agent, I wasn’t a bit distressed, though. Why?

Actually, to do the job, I was going to have to cut off two glorious days of my honeymoon, which my amazing husband agreed to do (bless his heart) because he realized it was a great opportunity both financially and professionally. 

Life is consistently about choices. We follow our hearts and our dreams and sometimes neglect the deepest choice, our moral choice to move in the path of peace. I’m not saying the choice to do this commercial was against any moral part of me, but it did disrupt my peace. I made a choice when I went to the audition (knowing the shoot date) that I was available for the shoot job. However, when I got the callback, the shoot day changed to right—smack dab—in the middle of my honeymoon. In that moment of time, I made the snap decision to honor my career over my relationship, which wasn’t the peaceful choice. When I hung up the phone with my agent, I knew it.

To appease my soul, though, I thought, what are the chances that I’ll get this commercial out of a hundred men? 

I remember the moment distinctly I had to make that choice. It was a mere second in time. I hope to remember the moment every day so that I will not make that kind of a snap decision again. I’m thankful for Spirit for placing me on the right path, even though I was disobedient to my own soul. This is why I felt peace when I heard the news from the agent.


Make this commitment with me today:

My only choice today is to shine the light of love, peace, compassion and joy through me and be “on-call” for life. I can choose to take opportunities, but wherever this earthly path takes me is up to God. There is a divine plan, which I’m not privy to. However, I know that Infinite Mind has it all worked out. It is not my responsibility to run the universe. I HAVE NO ATTACHMENT TO THE FUTURE.


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