Permanent Brain Restructuring #freeradicals #glutenfree #gettingridofyourgut

Permanent Brain Restructuring
#freeradicals #glutenfree #gettingridofyourgut

I recently began a food regimen that has changed every part of my life, including my brain structure. My consistent struggle began as a result of having a gut that I couldn’t get rid of for about five years. In the earlier years of my life, I had never had problems losing weight. But, in the last few years—in my late forties and early fifties—I gave up the idea of being thin again completely.

I donated all my skinny pants to Good Will, cleaned out my closet of shirts that got tucked in, and decided a bigger belly was just part of old age. Then, I began to research how gluten can cause bloating, and “bloating” was the exact description of how my stomach felt every time I ate. I never felt like I was fat. I felt as if my stomach was protruding from the acidic pain and excess gas in my stomach. Something had been wrong for a long time, but I couldn’t put my finger on it until I read this information about going gluten free. It was my AHA moment about food and diet.

So, after about three months of an almost totally gluten-free diet, I can proudly say that I have stepped on the scale this morning and have lost 19 pounds. I would say that most of the weight has been primarily from my belly and gut. My abdomen appears trim and sleek, as if I were young again. But, that is only the beginning of the good news about this diet.

Going gluten free changed the way I think about food, because, suddenly, my brain doesn’t have the opiatelike stimuli from gluten that caused my hunger for sweets and extra food. Now, I am able to almost completely eliminate sugar from my diet and stop eating when I’m not hungry anymore. No more clean plate club! I’m actually hearing my body again.

Add to that the next wonderful attribute of this gluten-free process: the lack of free radicals in the brain from less sugar, more protein, and a less acidic body. Now, I feel more acutely aware of life, stimulated to work harder, and have energy. Many of my chronic pains have gone to the wayside. I’m exercising more. And, I have less lethargy and ambivalence about life. This all is as a result of going gluten free.

If you would like to know more about my diet plan, going gluten free, and what I did to help myself through this problem time of life, you can read about in my book Finding Authentic You. The information about acquiring the book is below.

To this information, I freely add that in July, I am moving to Southern Florida to begin a new small imprint publishing company called: Finding Authentic You Publishing: findingauthenticyoupublishing.com. I am accepting submissions now for my January 2015 bookshelf. If you or any friends are interested, please go to the website and read the submission guidelines. Thanks.

Finding Authentic You is my brand and is also a self-help guide, which I wrote, with 365 Discoveries, meant to aid you in facilitating some of life’s most difficult challenges, like sleep. But, the discoveries also lead you to what you believe spiritually, understanding your goals, learning to believe in your self, discovering the most distinct you, unlocking all of your negative thinking, and helping you replace it with positive, creative thought using many different modalities, including hypnosis, prayer, and psychology. Once you know yourself, then relationship with Spirit and people is a fairly easy task.

For much more information about finding out about the psychology of the human mind and being your authentic self, self-love, and self-esteem, check out my new book below. “Finding Authentic You” will answer many of the questions I propose above. The book also has many discoveries about health, both mental and physical, as well as spiritual discoveries to lead you to your highest and best! Thanks for being a part of my tribe and helping me make this book be a Bestseller.

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Finding Authentic You: With 365 Daily Discoveries & 7 Steps to Effective Change

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