Plant the Seed, Water It with Love, and Let God Do the Rest

Yesterday, I got caught up in expectation and results. I woke up, sat on the end of my almost new bed, and the frame broke, probably from the bad job of rebuilding it by the movers. I took my dog Coco to PetsMart. He stepped on the emergency brake in the car. Immediately, my brake light went on and wouldn’t go off. I ate popcorn and chipped my back tooth, leaving a very rough edge on my tongue. And a dude that I really liked and thought liked me back, texted me first thing that morning and said that someone from his past came back into his life, so he couldn’t see me anymore. The entire day, even the pouring down rain, cast a negative hue on my outlook of life.

I’m learning quicker, now, to seek the help of friends and therapists in my life when I need a swift kick in the butt or a nudge of encouragement. I wasn’t sure exactly what was wrong, but I did reach out to two friends. One of them called me back on his first break and listened to my moaning, before he shared his insight. He said, “Bo, you can only plant your seed and water it a bit; then, God has to do the rest. You cannot be responsible for all of what happens around you. Only God can!”

This was brilliant advice. Added to that, I have been reading a book called The Art of Uncertainty by Dennis Merritt Jones. In the book, Jones says that the first step of learning to love life in this “Earth School” is to begin to enjoy the uncertainty of the future. This, of course, kind of stuck in my craw, because I like to know or to plan my future, as most of us do. But, I realized, that the lesson of this book is much the same as the lesson of the day. If I could have controlled all of my life, I probably wouldn’t be sitting in the place I am now—in a new city, in a new apartment, by the ocean, and living my authentic dream.

When we control life, it seems we live in the same circular pattern, moving round and round in the space that is comfortable, never venturing off into the unknown. What pushes us into paths untraveled, however, are the subtle nudges—or sometimes huge pushes—of Spirit in ways unfathomable.

Today, try to let go of the results of whatever you’ve set out to do. You have only one duty: do what you intend! After that, leave the rest to God. You don’t know if that audition is about meeting someone wonderful or actually getting the show. You don’t know if that job interview is about someone else learning a lesson. You simply know your part in this Earth’s School. That’s it. All the rest is a mystery. What you need to know, will be revealed!

Dennis Merritt Jones also says in his book that living life with uncertainty is similar to reading a page-turner novel, never knowing what will happen next. Even at the end of a great page-turner, you should be surprised with an unexpected result. If you enjoy a good read like this or a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat, then try learning to live life in this same way, could turn out to be an exciting adventure!


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