Play It Again, Samantha! #Revenge #thedoover

Many times after a break-up or a divorce, people want to lash out at the person who presumably stabbed him/her in the back. But, every time we unleash our anger at someone, we hurt ourselves and simply propagate more anger into the universe. If you have ever exacted revenge, you notice that the satisfaction of hate lasts about as long as it took to press RETURN on your computer. Then, your email is lost in cyber space, and you wait for the repercussions of your hate with a sour feeling in your stomach and anxiety in your heart. I have done this before after a friend literally stole my business, only to find myself on the opposite side of a table with a best friend’s lawyer facing me. Anger isn’t pretty. But there must be a way to assuage the anger before it hurts others.

We all have reasons to be angry. I get that. If you watch the television show, “Revenge,” then you will know that the reason we couldn’t get enough of this show the first year it aired was because everyone the protagonist exacted revenge from deserved it. We all wanted her just do for her, because getting your just do doesn’t often happen in life. But, this year on the television show, we are more than tired of Emily getting revenge, only to see her hurting herself and all the people she has loved. I doubt this show will continue after too much longer. How much revenge can someone take, before she hurts herself? This was true in the finale last year when her fiancé actually shot her on their wedding day, then she fell off of a boat into the ocean, only to be swept away into the night.

Alas, Emily was found on the shore and was revived the next year. Really? Do we often get second chances when it comes to vengeful deeds and thoughts? Not usually. I have one ex-partner who has completely barred me from his life after I told him exactly how I felt about him and his affair with my ex before him. It took me six years to say it. I sincerely thought I had my anger under control, until, one day he pressed one of my PTSD buttons. Then, I tore into him like a ravenous lion killing a lamb. He never knew what hit him. I don’t blame him for his attitude now. I don’t even trust my own threshold of anger. That’s probably why I took the RETURN KEY TO SEND button off of my computer and phone.

Everyone thinks that I’m always at peace, because I practice yoga and meditation. Trust me, if I didn’t practice spirituality, I’d be an angry mess. Sometimes, life catches every human off-guard, and you simply do what comes naturally, act like a human. It’s our God-self that keeps the demons in our minds at bay. It’s our spirit that reminds us we don’t have to give out hate to get peace.

If you are in a place of anger, try to get some help. Talk it out with a counselor or a life coach. We can help you put your anger to good use. We can help you feel it without hurting anyone else your life. Anger is the worst poison, because it kills you, not the one who hurt you.


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