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I had a long conversation with a friend last night about waking up one day and realizing that he sat in the middle of plastic veneers and eyes with not much life behind them. He described his life as something that everyone seemed to desire. But, his life truly began the moment he realized that he had a spiritual life that he never understood or even tried to understand, as he had been Agnostic for a long time.

Perhaps, this is Spirit’s way of opening the eyes of any of us, even bible kings such as Solomon, who describes his world as having everything, but everything was truly nothing without a connection to God. “Whoever trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf.” Or Saul, whom Spirit blinded on the road to Damascus, to let him know that he was fighting God, not the enemy. These stories are metaphoric for us, as Spirit may be searching for you today, but using life and life’s lessons to call you to the throne of wisdom.

Each of our moments of divine intervention is a bit different, but mostly, God finds us when we least expect it. My experience was in my bed as a child, seven or eight years old. A blue haze filled my room and a gentle voice said, “I am God.” The message was simple, but the impact has been life long. My search for spirituality in everything has been the one constant that I cannot deny, even when I have tried. But, not everyone is called with a glorious light. Sometimes, Spirit gets your attention with an enormous paradigm shift, such as a death or a disaster.

I have a dear friend who had gathered all his belongings, moved to a place by the beach, bought what could have been his dream home, and spent all of his weekends and evenings working on remodeling it. Three years into the remodel and almost ready to unveil, the New Orleans-Biloxi hurricane hit. His phone call from the road said, “I have no idea where I’m going. I was told to evacuate immediately. So, I grabbed some clothes, my computer, and started to drive!” When he returned home, all that was left were pieces of the basement. I was with one of my closest friends when he found out he had colon cancer. These moments change you. They must! They are always calls for a deeper, more authentic connection.

When something happens in your life that you don’t understand, you have to ask for wisdom from Spirit—for direction. If you don’t, Spirit will continue to flood your life with situational discomfort until you heed the call. Your purpose here is contingent upon waking up to your spiritual self, which in my estimation is a great balance of spirit, mind, and body. We are spirits having a human experience.



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