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If we hold on to the past and won’t let go of it, then how can Source replace that negativity with something wonderful? You have to make room for your good, by letting go of that which has not served you well. Just let it go! If you think you will change the past by thinking about it, hoping for something different to have happened, or wishing for revenge, you will stay stuck forever! Again, let it go!

I just saw a friend’s post from my old neighborhood as a child. He was with his beautiful little family, happily married, and currently—he is president of our high school class—which means he keeps up with all of our classmates until the next class reunion.

When we were both children, we were in similar familial situations with an abusive, alcoholic parent, a troublesome home life, and little social acceptance. At the last class reunion, I watched him in amazement, now outspoken, very motivated, and equally happy. What a perfect picture of the song from A Chorus Line: “What I Did for Love.” The lyrics are:

Kiss the day goodbye.

And point me toward tomorrow.

Wish me luck, the same to you.

And I can’t regret, what I did for love…

Gone, love is never gone as we travel on,

Love is what we’ll remember!

Reviewing the past to help us grow is one of the few things we can do with the memories of the past that is actually helpful. But, once you have finished your review, you must, once again, let go!

Before I left Nashville for my life-changing journey to South Florida, I wrote my memoir. I wrote it for myself. I called it “Learning Alone.”

It reads like a novel, moving from one disaster to the next, especially where relationship is concerned. Unintentionally, I had recapitulated my broken childhood in almost every intimate relationship in my life. After rereading the memoir, I should have thrown the book away. However, I decided that I would go one step further and publish it, to help anyone else through Anxious Attachment issues, which was my main psychological problem. Not many people have read the book, probably because it’s sad and carries with it little hope, until the end, when I finally wake up from the drama of the past and LET GO!

Trust me, as my friend from childhood did, and I just recently did, letting go is the key to a happy future. Tomorrow can hold with it anything you put your mind to, but you have to take steps to go boldly into the future. As Dr. Arleen Pitcock quoted yesterday at the Center of Spiritual Living:

“A vision without action is just a story of what might have been!”

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