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The process of polarization in science is a property of waves that can oscillate with more than one orientation. Electromagnetic waves such as light exhibit polarization, as do some other types of waves, such as gravitational waves, because they can go in many directions at the same time. Sound waves in a gas or liquid do not exhibit polarization, since the oscillation is always in one direction the wave travels. (Wikipedia, 2016) However, the nonscientific meaning of “to be polarized” means to divide or cause to divide into two sharply contrasting groups or sets of opinions or beliefs.

So, to polarize or divide something, you must first begin with the whole. When a country is divided about a leader or a theory of belief, they are polarized by the instigator of a radical leader, perhaps. This is important to understand when viewing our own polarized thoughts in many varying degrees about such things as our future, prosperity, and relationships.

Polarization in thought manifests mostly when someone initially begins to understand that everything in our life begins in mind. All the positive things and the negative ones start with seed thoughts.

Most people can consider this idea, but they have instigators, such as fear and anxiety, that can easily pull and separate them from their spiritual belief. This means you can give fear and anxiety the power to Polarize your truth, so that it will never be effective in your life. You will plant prosperity seeds with one hand. With the other hand, dig them up.

Let’s start with the example of that very principle: prosperity. You wake up one day thrilled at the idea that Spirit is offering you the world. You begin to step into your power. You sow seeds of prosperity for a new job. You actually attain the job from strong belief and steady faith. Then, suddenly, without provocation, a stumbling block comes up in your life.

The company that gave you your new job has decided to close its doors, because of financial problems. You begin to think that the theory of the science of mind no longer works because of this one instance or that you simply do not deserve good in your life. Your thoughts, then, become polarized.

You want to believe that Spirit is on your side, but “some” evidence appears in your life that would prove otherwise. So, how do you stop fear from polarizing your spiritual belief?

When a thought comes up in your mind that is negative, you must simply state your truth. So, if you felt fear in that moment that you lost your job, you would say to yourself:

“This is what I know. God is all in all. God is the love and the beauty and the prosperity in the ocean, the sky, and the vast universe. This energy created me. I am one with this energy. I flow in it. And it flows through me. I let these negative thoughts come up into the light so that I can gently dissolve them in the power of truth. I am already prosperous now. The best job I’ve ever had is waiting for me now, as I continue to believe it is so. I release my intention to the eternal law of love and mind. And so it is.”

The concept seems simple, but the process of actually having the strength and courage to step out in faith and pray this prayer in the midst of struggle takes practice, even when you do not need anything from Spirit. You must begin to incorporate your truth into your everyday life, so that when stumbling blocks come, you already have fortified your mind with the kind of love and truth that will vaporize the negativity as you speak your words into Divine Mind.

Remember: You are made and created in the image of God, which means that you are already a reflection of every one of God’s attributes: compassion, love, prosperity, truth, wisdom, and beauty.


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