Positive Thinking

As far back as 1915, authors like Eleanor H. Porter were trying to instill a positive outlook into children through good literature. Her character Pollyanna in the book by the same title has actually become a popular term in the English language for someone with an optimistic outlook. Can you imagine writing something so profound, that one of your characters actually becomes a part of a language?

I share about the Pollyanna Theory because I am an avid writer about sending a positive message and having a hopeful spin to share. I think that’s why I watch ABC’s World News Tonight. The newscast seems to highlight the best in the news, as well as the high points in the tragedies. But even then, the broadcast always looks for the hero or heroine. You have to admire news and reporters who are consistent users of the Pollyanna Theory. I would much rather be uplifted, than burdened by the constant barrage of negativity in the news.

This leads me to my point today. How do we wake up every day with a positive outlook and an uplifted spirit to share? This can be a difficult challenge for most people, as the first thing we often face is chores, deadlines, and negativity. But let’s use the Pollyanna theory to make change in our outlook today.

I had an interesting challenge a couple days ago. I had a friend—let’s call her Sharon—who had a hard day. She came to me with some disparaging news and a heartfelt complaint about how I had been dealing with a certain aspect of our friendship. As always, the first thing that flares up is my Ego. We were both in defensive mode. But, I decided to sit back and listen and observe. A minister friend’s theory passed through my mind: “When a person feels comfortable enough to share a burdensome issue with you, it is a compliment, not a protest.”

I kept that in mind as I listened with more compassion. I suggested, when she was finished, that we say a prayer and ask God to guide us and help us figure out the next step in our relationship. As we prayed, I felt the walls and barriers come crashing down. We both shared the same spiritual outlook.

How wonderful it was to give our burden to God in that moment. We both ended up sharing what we were truly afraid of—abandonment—and had a good cry and a heartfelt, healing embrace. This happened in the morning before I had some life coaching clients. I had a choice: would I carry the problem and solution with me, or would I let it go and let spirit lift me up with this issue to find a great message for my clients? I chose the second choice. It became apparent, when a sense of well-being rushed over my body, that God, angels, and spirits were guiding my course of action with grace and poise. If I could let go as I was doing in that moment—every day—no matter what the challenge—I could always feel hopeful and filled with love to share.

I challenge you today to take something that is bothersome and causing you anxiety and find the authentic, compassionate point of view. Look from all sides to find spirit’s purpose for this challenge in your life. When you discover the issue in its distilled version, then let it go to God and to the law of spirit, which willingly will move it toward love. You have very little to do with the next step. You have more power in keeping a positive attitude about your challenge, than if you keep running over the negativity in your mind like a bad movie looping over and over.

Trust that you will know in your heart what to do next. Keep your mind and soul open to the flow of good always available from Unlimited and Loving God!


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