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When we speak of the Soul, we must always consider that the Soul is Divine Matter from which all things are created. It is much like the soil. The soil does not have choice, nor does the Soul. When you plant a sunflower, the soil gives you a sunflower. Were the soil to have a choice whether to reject your desire to plant a sunflower, then the world would be full of chaos. For this Divine Reason, the soul holds the subjective of the Mind, just like the soil is subjective to our choice of what to plant.

Does this make the soil any less powerful? Does this make the Soul any less a part of God? Absolutely not. The Soul is God in the sense that it is the matter from which the Mind God creates.

What human on earth could create a plant or animal? All the intelligence on earth can’t produce something from nothing. Yet, soul has the power to take an idea from Divine Mind and turn it into substance. Even though it is subjective, it is, nonetheless, the power of God.

To understand the power of the soul is to be seated at the right hand of all the Masters of the World, who understood how to create substance by using the power of Divine Mind in this subjective field of Possibility—Soul.

As you step into your own power as a small creator in this world, understanding the use of Divine Mind and directing it to the subjective field of possibility, it is as if Daddy has given you His credit card, saying: “Look, Son or Daughter, now you don’t have to ask me to get what you need. You, too, have the power to create on a smaller scale, in your own individualized world!”

When you begin to grasp this great gift from God, you will have nothing but completely thankfulness for this gift. My eyes look toward the beauty of the sky and perfect plants and animals and think, Wow, what created ALL OF THIS exists in me on some small level! What an amazing feat it would be to actually understand this and use it to benefit the world and help my own life manifest in peaceful, loving, and prosperous ways!

Some people, especially those who create rules and laws in religion would love for you to NOT know your individual power in this world. They live in a world of you OR me. Instead, truly spiritual people live in a world of you AND ME.

I know that if you are reading this Discovery, today, the time has come for you to understand that you were made in the image of God; therefore, you are a small god, albeit, a creator, holding the same powers as the one who created the Universe.

Because this is true, you now have the opportunity to experiment with this power in your own individualized world. You are meant to learn to walk, as it were, in Spirit, using the powers of the Laws set before you by God, not by religion or man.

Don’t you think it’s time for you to be an adult in Spirit? If you do, then begin to understand the power of the subjective soul and the pure possibility of a life, using the Divine Mind to create in this amazing world.


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