Pour Yourself into My Life—Wonderful Spirit #abidinglove

With dreams and with intentions, we all need the fuel to energize our thoughts and give them the power to explode from the launching pad. For me, that power has always been a deep, abiding trust for God. Even as a small child, when times were rough—often—I knew that Spirit had my back. I called this power by different names as I evolved into an adult. But, eventually, I realized that I could not exist as Bo without my solid belief in an eternal power, greater than I, existing beyond time, above my understanding, and sequencing and interweaving Itself into the very fabric of my being on a daily basis.

I know that some of the readers of this blog, my friends, and my family may not have the EXACT belief as I, but that never mattered. I hold the intention that we all are on separate, but equal, paths toward the Divine. Some take the hard road to learning lessons, by letting life push and pull them into the direction they are to go. But, believe me, you will soon go into your intended direction, with or without your desire. You may fall prey to sickness, for Spirit to pull you toward your attention. You may travel a path of delicious pride and riches that eventually lead you to the question: What is life really about? Or, you may simply have a deep abiding understanding that was placed there like the seed that floated from a flower—airborne—and lilting on the wind, landing between the cracks of your subconscious, taking root without your intention.

I have walked and trodden the many different types of roads in life—some wrought with pain, others with joy, but always Spirit has found me, walked closely, let me dwell in the shadows of Its grace, and never has left my side. I see this in the times that I thought that I had strayed from a path of compassion and love, but realized that this, too, was part of the learning and gaining perspective.

Today, I fly to a new life, like the story of the butterfly I once found breaking forth from its cocoon, after I had carefully waited for months for its transformation. Just like I helped it out and let it perch on my finger readying it for flight; I, too, feel the surge of spirit holding me precariously, knowing my strength to fly is inevitable. With strong wings now, built on the gestating power of life, the transmutation of circumstance, and will of my destiny, I spread my wings and wait for the wind to carry me farther.

Wait…  Wait… Wait!

If you want to dance in the heart of Life’s Abundance, let the Spirit proclaim Its presence, every day!


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