Powerball Winners—What Do You Really Want to Do When You Grow Up?

I’ve read numerous stories about recent Powerball winners from $40-233 million. The stories are almost always the same. The person says he or she has dreamed about winning the lottery for years. Then, suddenly, they are on the receiving end of a gift that will position them to release from all financial worry for the rest of their lives, if they manage the money wisely.

I’ve also read of stories where lottery winners spend all of their cash quickly and end up more destitute than they started. Is it possible that no matter how much money we have, if our minds aren’t ready to be rich, than wealth will not abide with us? Should we stop wishing for a windfall of cash and start believing that prosperity is in our future?

I, too, have dreamed of winning the lottery. I look at buying a ticket each week as investing in the unknown and in the unlimited possibility of God. Some people would think my rational is faulty. But, I make my own rules in my life. If buying a dollar lottery ticket once a week makes me envision a financially secure future, then purchase the ticket is what I will do.

As I travel through the many streams and tributaries of my dream of winning millions, I recognize that the first thing that I imagine doing is always quitting whatever job I have been doing solely for financial gain. I notice that, even though I would no longer need to work, my desire to continue work at what I love would continue.

My next vision consists of whom I would help financially. I often think of buying four condos on the beach and moving all my family close to me, if they were interested in enjoying life with me—which I’m fairly certain they would. Then, I think about friends and causes I would financially help. This is where life gets tricky. I’d imagine that many people who didn’t even want to be casual friends (that includes family) would soon try to re-enter my life. Suddenly, I would become the Bank of America, without the proper boundaries.

Lastly, I imagine starting a business that would benefit everyone in the family. I get the impression that money without purpose is probably blank and meaningless. You can only splurge for so long before you realize that compassion, friends, true love, and spiritual purpose is what life on this earth is about. So, even this part of the dream becomes clear. My sisters and I had always imagined having an Italian restaurant and deli. For some reason, I believe making that into a reality for them would be great.

I’ve heard people exclaim about certain circumstances in their lives, such as a healing from a disease, meeting the love of their lives or experiencing the majesty of God was like winning the lottery. We imagine that one in a billion chance of being the special person lucky enough to be on the receiving end of millions of dollars to be the person God looked down on and chose specifically for that gift.

What if that weren’t true at all? I have heard stories that lottery winners had dreamed about the numbers before they won. Maybe in those cases, I feel as if the winner was purposeful. But it seems to me that, in many ways, something such as gambling is simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Is God the cause of such things, or are we in charge of that kind of lottery?

A few times I have had a client come in to be hypnotized and exclaim that he/she wants to be able to dream of the winning lottery numbers. I rarely refuse people when they have an idea about hypnosis helping them in some way that I’m not sure is possible, mostly because the position for them to learn is not in my hands. It’s in God. This bring me to my final conclusion. What if someone could be hypnotized to be open to spirit enough to see the future? What if I could put myself into a trance and imagine the winning numbers in the newspaper the day after the big winner is announced. Then I go to the store and purchase the ticket with the numbers I saw. What if a person could do that?

If that kind of thing were possible, don’t you think thousands, if not millions, of people would be winning the lottery every week? I just don’t believe that these kind of things are possible to see, even if you are psychic. Psychic talent should be used to help people make sense of their human lives and the future, not provide a way to release people from chance.

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