Prajaprati—Pregnant with Desire

In Hindu mythology, Prajapati is the Lord of all creation who impregnated himself by fusing elements of mind and speech to create the world. So, as we remember in Christian text that God created the world by speaking it into existence as well.

What is it about the spoken word that is so magical that it can bring substance into existence?

I’m intrigued by the idea that in both cultures, SPIRIT took MIND and SPEECH to create the universe. And juxtaposed to that, as a hypnotherapist, the main premise of REcreating your mental challenges is about getting to your spiritual self (the subconscious or observer-self) and speaking or directing new thoughts to your mind to create new behavior and a new you.

So, God who we know created us in its own image also gave us the same abilities as Spirit-God—to create by means of using our mind and words. This fascinates me and also makes me feel as though the world is just at the precipice of learning to use our God-given talents to create a world that is worthy of Spirit’s dwelling.

We talked about making a new mission statement yesterday. This idea of a mission is well within the bounds of seeing a new world. Eckhark Tolle’s book, “A New Earth” speaks of learning to live in the present and extrapolating the power of the Now can be, and will be, the power we have all been looking for to change our lives and the lives of those to come forward behind us.

Let’s all take the time to meditate on this idea: Living within each of us is the seed power of God to create! If we could learn to use this power, we could create a life that is peaceful, powerful, prosperous, and useful for the entire world.

* * *

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