Precious LIttle Control #SuperbowlXLVIII

Many people think they can pick the winner of the Superbowl today. Well, picking the winner has a 1 to 2 odds, just like choosing black or red in Craps. Now, figuring out which team will score how much is a bit more of a numbers game. However, in either situation, you may have the odds nailed down and be exactly on target with Peyton out ahead by 10 points. Denver is on their 35 yard line and it’s the fourth down. Denver is up by seven and a field goal would make your spread be the perfect number.  Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a fumble. Seattle picks up the ball and scores. It’s tied.

Even the most OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) person will tell you, he can keep all his shirts pressed, color coded, and equidistant apart in his closet, but he can’t tell the sun to shine or dance for the rain to fall. In short, we have precious little control over the goings on in our lives. What exactly do we have control of, and how can we take that precious control and make it calm our minds and hearts about the future? Imagine that you look at life through the lens of a video camera. All that is going on is being played out as if on a movie screen in front of you. If you can imagine this scenario, then you know that the one person you don’t see on the screen is YOU! That is because you are the director of your life.

Now, let’s imagine that the show viewed in front of you is a baby playing with a toy on the living room carpet. If you took that scene and played a spooky, haunting music clip behind it, you might think that the baby is in impending danger. However, if you played “Music Box Dancer” behind it, then you may feel joyous. In other words what is superimposed onto the scene in front of you comes from the director—You! If something tragic happens in your life, and the music that you play or the voice over is something positive and peaceful, such as: “I’m not sure why this is happening, but I know I’ll be safe and provided for;” then, you are more likely not to react frantically or irrationally.

I was driving home with my friend Sharon. She noticed that a car in front of me three different times had acted crazily. She said, “If that were me, I would have gotten upset and beeped my horn.” I said, “Sharon, how much life do you want to lose over something you can’t control? I figure that I make driving errors all the time, and people have to put up with me. I’ll just let them slide and give them the benefit of the doubt. Besides, I can’t control what happens to me when I’m driving. I can only drive defensively and hope the rest of the world does too.” She laughed. “Good point!” Sharon gets that I don’t let much rattle me. I decided long ago that with my “precious little control” I was going to try to set the scene with peace and joy and laughter. That’s much more my style and befitting for the moment.

My dear readers, you can’t control the elements, the people around you, or God; so don’t waste your precious life and joy trying to.

If you are stuck in the middle of a tornado, duck into a bathtub. If you have a partner in relationship that is bugging you with some attitude or behavior that is irritating, then just simply ask him/her to stop. If your query is met with bitching and ranting, then move on. If you think you can tell God when you are going to die, you have not experienced much of life. Children, friends, and family die unexpectedly all the time. We have absolutely no control over it.

But what I learn each time death happens is that I have wasted way too much time trying to control what I can’t. I also learn that today is the time to do what makes me happy. Use your precious control to change the one person that matters—YOU!

So, take your bets away today and put your attention where it matters: on you!  Go Broncos! lol

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