Prejudice: Your Divine Right to Be #cocacolasuperbowlcommecial

In years past, Coke had made quite an uprise by airing a commercial about diversity during the Super Bowl. What will be this years #superbowltheme?

What it may be, What You Believe and Who You Are, will always be your divine right, no matter what you believe. I guess the fact that prejudice people are coming to the surface makes sense when equality is gently and evenly presented. Whether you believe in something different, are a different color, or love outside the normal paradigm you are among the diversity in America who deserve equal right (period).

Who hasn’t heard all the hype on television about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Scientology? The truth is: the religion itself is more a psychological profiling that tries to repress the part of the brain that thinks negative thoughts and keep you in the part of the brain that only thinks positive ones. The machines they use look like BioFeedback Machines. I believe the reason this religion scares us, is it looks so much like a cult. Once you are in, they go searching for you and try to pull you back in. They use your church, family members to try and coerce you. They ostracize you. This doesn’t feel as if it a paradigm of diversity. However, no matter what the belief, we should gladly allow people to express what they need to. This is America!

But, I’ll tell you, some of our more traditional religions are now using some of the same tactics when it comes to things like gay marriage and Pro-life. If you don’t believe in their point of view, you are banned from the church. This, to me, looks rather cultish. When did churches retain the right to tell us how to think?

When we take our rights away as individuals to have a point of view that is all our own, we are always dancing with the idea that we are playing with cultish behavior. Don’t ever let someone tell you how to believe. Go deep into your heart and ask God to tell you how and what to believe. There is a peaceful place designed in all souls that is connected to the Great Good that will always lead us to our Higher Self and to God. Our DNA is structured that way.

In the bible Jesus says that in the final days that the word will be written on our hearts. I believe this prophecy is happening now. But you have to be quiet to hear the word calling to you. It’s easy to hear the loud preachers and politicians ranting and raving about what you should and shouldn’t believe. It’s rather hard to take the time to be quiet and listen to the still voice that calls us to our highest self and to the love that permeates all fear and prejudice.

Be still and know what YOU believe and WHO you are is just perfect.

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