Preparing for the Death of a Loved One!

Sometimes life hands us hard lessons in the form of death and sickness. But, we must always remember in those times that we are vessels of wholeness and love, no matter what we go through. Our affirmation is still the same. God is love and peace; therefore, I am love and peace!

When an impending death looms around you, the first obstacle is not to be sucked into the mire of depression and anxiety of those around you or into the pain of the person suffering. You will inevitably feel some of these human emotions, no matter what; but, stay focused on the purpose of your presence.

First, do you even know what are the intentions and desires of the person dying? Does he or she want to stay in an empty shell of a painful body—just for you? Or would he or she rather be released from that dying body and be in an eternal place of love and compassion—painfree?

My inclinations are that most souls would much rather meet God as the light, than stay in pain. Usually, and not always, the soul that is dying is very connected to those around him or her—friends, family, a particular loved one. So, a soul will often wait to depart until those around him want or allow the spirit to depart into the hands of the Ever-Loving Creator, even though they are in incredible pain.

The second thing we must always desire to be is: God’s purpose. You would not be praying amiss if you would ask God and the Universe what it is for you to do in the moment.

Maybe you just need to sit there silently, allowing a love one to grieve. Maybe you need to be the voice of reason: “It would be okay for you to let go now! _________ is in the loving hands of God, ready to depart this pain.” Or, maybe you just need to weep, as the tears are symbols of cleansing for your own soul and those around you.

In summary, death, no matter if it is an actual person or the death of a job or relationship, grief is inevitable. But, more importantly, as you grow in your spiritual health, you must realize that “all things are happening in accordance to the perfect will of God.” Not just some things, but all things! So, recognize this in your affirmations.

Because God is always peace, I am peace too. Since God is always love and forgiveness, then, I, too, am love and forgiveness, no matter the situation!

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