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Today’s objective is to discover real treatment for the processes that take our attention away from our problems and keep them focused on everything but the NOW.

Addiction has a beginning. It starts with a behavior that you think will satisfy or alleviate a feeling. This feeling could be discomfort, boredom, abuse, physical pain, loneliness, or any uncomfortable emotion. The idea about process addiction is that we choose a behavior that covers this unhappy or bad feeling.

When the good feeling from food, gambling, sex, drugs, or alcohol wear off, we go back to the addiction hoping to find another chance to release the pain or suffering. Of course, we know that no outside source will ever find its way to healing your soul or body from pain. It is what lies within your soul that chooses to express as the power to overcome any and all obstacles to peace.

That something that lies deep within you is your own spiritual growth. You are spirit living in a human body that sometimes steers you in the wrong direction for health and truth. But, fear not, there is hope to get you back on course.

There are many treatment centers that help addictive behavior. But, the one identifying factor of treatment that most 12-step programs and even psychologists would agree is the strongest first move is a spiritual shift in the mind of the addict. This must happen to create a new paradigm of living. This shift can come in a simple realization that there is a power greater than the power of the addictive force, a power greater than s/he, or a power that is simply supreme. The simple knowledge and acceptance of this greater power is the first step to all 12-step programs, which have helped billions of people recover from addiction since its inception.

So, how do we attain a spiritual knowledge or understanding of a greater power if we have resisted God or Spirituality our entire life? That’s a really good question.

My answer is to throw away every old belief of Religion and God and start again. Start with what you know to be true about life and the world. Be authentic! Be honest! Approach the Universal Force of Good with an open heart! I promise you that your life will change in an instant. The moment you reach out to this spiritual side of your being is the instant that life changes. All of life is waiting for this one moment for you.

Your addiction and your healing is just the process of unraveling a human problem. A spiritual growth has begun, so all will soon be well. I know this to be true. I’m not saying that you don’t have work to do. I’m not writing to tell you that programs or therapy to help you is not necessary. I’m simply saying that the beginning of this process is Spiritual Realization.

If you start from here, you will always find truth and peace.


This year, if you desire to commit to a change for a New Year’s Resolution, do it with your MIND first. Remember, as in the title of my new book coming out just in time to help you with this (in January)… lol… that all change happens in your mind, first. You must change your Old Story, to make a consistent and long lasting change in Your Life.Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 8.42.10 AM

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