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I watched Project Runway for one season, because the show aired right before my scheduled time to play the piano and sing at a local piano bar. The gay crowd often would ask me to wait to play, because the program ran into my set. So, I ended up watching the program most of the time. The title of the show sounds as if it would be about models, but it’s actually about designers making fashionable clothes.

I once dated a man who designed clothes, and even knew a friend who got on the show, but still, it’s not the kind of program that truly interested me. I believe the reason lies in the idea that our deepest artistic expressions are judged by people who want our authenticity to fit into the Ego’s paradigm of art and fashion. I don’t believe most of us enjoy being judged.

Life often is about showing our best, though, and parading around until someone decides we have the goods for the job, the relationship, or even the friendship. This kind of ego-driven life can lead us to desire to exact what others want in our behavior, instead of acting upon our true, authentic desires.

Assessing our good and bad qualities and working to achieve our personal best is a good desire. If you had trouble expressing power in an interview, I would suggest, as a life coach, that you practice with a friend until you can overcome your fear and be able to shine, as children do. If your teeth were crooked and brown from years of smoking and you had trouble finding a date, who wouldn’t recommend fixing the problem the keeps people seeing your beauty?

I once had a very good-looking friend who practiced bodybuilding. He spent hours each day making every muscle ripple. He became quite the athletic specimen. However, when he opened his mouth, every tooth was crooked and brown, enough so that he appeared more like a bagman. I never understood why he didn’t see that the reason he couldn’t get a date with a pretty woman was because of his teeth, not his kind personality or great body.

Making a simple change like getting a goiter cut off your face isn’t a bad thing, if all people notice is your goiter. I had a scar cut off my eyeball, once, because every time I got a picture taken, my left eye took all the focus. I figured soon that this wasn’t something I wanted to live with, nor my two front teeth crossed. I got those fixed too. Neither operation affected my authentic self. In all actuality, I felt more comfortable with myself, if anything.

Last evening, I visited a new spiritual men’s group. When I arrived, to my surprise two women led the group. As always, I sat back and waited to see if this was the kind of group I would feel comfortable in participating. An old client led the group, which helped a great deal in becoming vulnerable.

My greatest spiritual goal these days has been to create room in my life for spirit to operate more powerfully. To do this, I feel as if I have to clear space to be led into a different, more authentic path. What I noticed about myself, as we were led through different spiritual exercises, was that I had become an amalgam of attributes others expected of me, instead of being my true spiritual self.

Case and point: when a new client comes into my office, the first thing I assess: Is this the kind of person that would be afraid of my true spiritual leading. If so, I act according to their needs instead of follow my highest calling for them. That is not to say that I don’t try to find ways to let each client know what I sense spiritually for them. I just have to use different language for each new person. Some are more Christian, some are atheists, some are Buddhists. With each person, I try to make him/her feel comfortable, which isn’t a bad attribute.

The problems is that my greatest gifts as a healing practitioner can only be utilized when a new client comes in with a spiritual acumen that would include no laws about what spirituality must and must not be. When that happens, I can use all my insight and intuitive spiritual nature to heal completely.

So, in this spiritual group I attended, as we went through the exercises, I realized that my entire body had become stuck, just like my mind with new clients. Moving freely in space became uncomfortable and uniform, instead of liquid, like living water. I noticed, then, that my greatest desire to receive from the group is to unhook from my old behavior and give my body and mind the opportunity to let my spirit flow more freely. We all need to have a safe place to be all of our authentic self. Often, work is not that place. So, finding a spiritual group that you attend frequently would give you the opportunity to expand and grow and the security to be open with a group you get to know and trust. I recommend it highly.


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