Prosperity Meditation: The Hows, the What’s, and the Why’s!

Everyone seems to want to have more, be more, expect more from the Universe, yet few have the means or the understanding of Spiritual Law to make it happen.

One aspect we absolutely know is that this One Mind that created everything seen and unseen also created you and I. If that is so, we carry the spiritual DNA of a creator. How many people, though, truly understand how to create from Spirit through the manifestation process?

I have been studying this Law for a very long time and feel quite successful at it. I have attained almost everything in my life I’ve wanted so far. I don’t know too many people who are as happy, contented, and peaceful as I am. I’m not saying this to be proud. I’m saying this because I need your confidence to help you.

I have been helping people manifest through Spiritual Law for a quite some time now. I have seen miraculous healing of diseases, manifestation of prosperity, and clients take on a sense of understanding and peace that only comes with contemplation and meditation.

Hypnosis is a direct descendant of meditation from the Ayurvedic culture. As I have been a clinical hypnotherapist for 28 years, I have taught myself to self-hypnotize and stretch past the boundaries of my own humanness, the past, my fears and anxieties, and into a peace that only comes from this knowledge.

I have been developing a YouTube series of meditations for you completely gratis. I’m not asking for anything in return. My hope is that you challenge yourself to sign up on YouTube to simply be informed of the next meditation. They will be in order of how I’ve designed the lessons, so I recommend that you start with Lesson One.

For more written information about meditation and my ideas about the practice, please visit this link: Prosperity and Meditation

However, below is lesson number 3 on Prosperity.



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