#Prosperity – Releasing the Various and Sundry

If a vessel is full—whether it is filled with something good or bad—you must empty it before you can fill it with something new. The spiritual law of emptying your mind and body of negativity, so that positive thoughts and ideas can fill you, is imperative, especially when you learn the basic laws of prosperous thinking. One way is to give away that which fills your coffer—metaphorically, your mind—so that more can be added. Giving away the old is the first way to begin with your idea about adding something new to your life (a relationship, more money, a new job).

When I moved from an 1800 sq. ft. house to an 1100 sq. ft. apartment, I realized how many various and sundry items I had collected over the last twenty-five years. As I sorted through every item and assessed every piece of furniture to its need and compatibility for the new place, I realized that I had acquired far too much various, a little too many sundries, and needed to sell or give away about one third of what I owned to be prepared for the move. As I did so, I realized that taking time to sort through every aspect of my life and possessions was the perfect way to invite new of all sorts into my consciousness.

Some chotchkies were easy to give up—they were chipped, broken, from a former lover, or simply not my style anymore. However, when I got down to giving away valuables that friends and family gave me, which encompassed more than 75% of what I owned, the process became much more difficult. How do you empty your coffer, when most of it is filled with gifts that cherished friends and family placed in your hands?

Once I went to a friend’s estate sale. His partner had passed away. After a year of morning, he decided to move to a smaller place. So, he needed to sell more than 50% of what they owned together. He asked close friends to come before the throngs of unknown buyers showed up to his beautiful home.

So, I got to see all that he wanted to sell. In the mix was a painting I had given him for his birthday. As soon as he saw me eyeing it, he made up some kind of excuse about the style of the painting not fitting with his new place. I understood, but, my feelings were hurt, nonetheless. So, ever since that day, I have tried to honor all of the things that people gave me, even the items that didn’t much go with my taste. As you can imagine, this moral compass now made my chore of releasing things even harder.

So, I put all of my spiritual icons, my beautiful cut and blown glass, my items made of quartz and crystals, and my antique Tibetan bells, gongs, and chimes in one place, so that I could assess the situation with deliberation and equanimity.

I began taking things out of the mix that were the most important to me, things I absolutely would not part with, which was about 25% of what was on my table and countertop. Then, I looked at beauty and style, next. I pulled out about another 15%.

The next phase, however, was the most difficult. I tried to remember who gave me what of the things left on the table. When I was able to place names with the items, I began to assess the relationships of the friend with the article. I noticed that many of the people who had given me some of the items, were barely even in my life now. So, I took those things and set them to the side to be given to other friends. One decision I made, gave me the license to release some of these less important things in my life. I decided that if I gave away a gift to someone currently special in my life, told that person the meaning and importance of the gift, and asked him/her to keep honoring it; then, I felt comfortable letting go.

The last thing I did was to take articles off of the table that had a negative meaning to me. This, metaphorically, made no sense. Why hadn’t I started with this step? The reason was that these items held my negative energy from old and broken relationship for so long.

For instance, there was a beautiful green, blown glass vase that an ex of eight years had given me as a birthday gift. I realized that I was keeping it as a memento of our love. When I looked at the items left over, more than 25% of the gifts were from exes. I realized that the items weren’t the problem. What filled up my memory and my mind about the gifts was, indeed, the problem. I had often wondered why I couldn’t move on from some of the past relationships, only to realize that I still kept my mind and my home filled with icons representing the very thing I needed to release. Remember the first rule I started with releasing that which no longer serves me, to open my heart, mind, and finances to new and wonderful vistas, unrepresentative of the past.

So, the first order of business in prosperous thinking, is to release all that no longer serves your life. If you hold on to an award from a job that you lost, get rid of it. If you have pictures from a wedding with a partner who is no longer in your life, give them away or trash them. For me, I put all these things, even wedding rings, directly into the trash. I didn’t want to give away any of it. My spirit and my soul needed to see the trash man pick up the garbage in my life and empty it, so that my soul would feel vast and open again, and ready to be filled with things new and wonderful.

Coming Up: I’ll be spending more time looking at prosperity—how to achieve it, why it’s not coming, and how to step forward into your dreams!


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