I had the most amazing meditation this morning. I have been asking, before I enter into this blissful state, for something specific. Today, I asked the question before my meditation began, “Spirit, teach me something I don’t know about the universe and living as a human being!”

Below, is the response I got from my meditation:

The presiding theme was that I cannot take from God what God rightfully and delightfully wants to give me. A scripture from Proverbs came to mind: (paraphrased) If a man is caught stealing, he shall have to repay seven fold that which he took.

For so many years, I thought that everyone and everything from life was stealing from me, which is the story of lack and poverty. This certainly isn’t a story of God’s son who has inherited the wealth of Universal Abundance. I would profess this scripture in hopes that 7 fold would return to me. (Just 7-fold would be enough… nothing more.) But, what my meditation said was that “no one can steal what is already theirs.” If you are one with all Abundance, then everything is yours. Reciprocally, everything is also everyone else’s, too. We all are beneficiaries of God’s divine abundance.

But, humans have been like children fighting over the possessions of a rich parent. Instead of sharing gratefully, we want to procure that which is only ours and hold on to it with the control of a narcissist.

The meditation went on to reveal more about the subject of prosperity. This last Sunday, as I held my offering in my hand, I heard a voice say to me, “Put it back in your pocket!” I asked why.

The voice answer, “You still have resentment in your heart about giving.” So, I took the cash and stuffed it back in my pocket as the basket passed me. I’m sure the people around me thought I was being selfish, but I didn’t care. Spirit’s lesson was more important to me, than what others thought about me.

So, the meditation brought that important moment to mind. The same voice asked, “So, if all of the money in the world is rightfully yours and all the of the money in the world is rightfully the church’s, why are you so afraid to let go? More importantly, if you proclaim to be the hand of God here on this earth, how can I use you, if you won’t let go of the gifts I have given you?”

Of course, my thought was that I still have fear about not having enough. (As my old story, as a child, was that I was a very poor young boy, barely having enough to eat, most weeks and never having enough to buy nice clothes.)

But in that moment, something changed in my heart. I realized that I don’t tithe because it’s a law. As a spiritual child of the universe tithes to demonstrate to ourselves and to the universe that we understand spiritual law and are not afraid of our abundance being limited by sharing a portion of our perceived riches.

I finally got it. I received the message that will, I’m sure, release my mind totally from my old story of poverty. I will give more freely than I have ever given before now.

If I want to share in the abundance of the universe, I need to show Spirit, and more importantly, I need to show myself, I have no fear of being poor, ever again. I do this by freely giving of the abundance of God, as I am the hand of God here on earth.

With so much peace, I share my absolute joy and freedom with you today.

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