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Spiritual people are consistently faced with making new decisions from the ones that were imbedded heavily into our subconscious minds by our first religious leaders and often our bible-thumping society. The use of psychics, more importantly, the use of our own psychic ability is certainly one of those tenuous places for some spiritual people, even today, when most people do not compare their own truth with the bible.

I love what Ernest Holmes says about psychic power in The Science of Mind on page 381-382 of the textbook:

We all have psychic capacities, but they should never be forced, for it is only when the subjective comes to the surface, while we are in a perfectly normal state, that a normal psychic power is produced. To lose the self-consciousness, in order to let the subjective come though is never good or right and furthermore is likely to be destructive. The psychic capacity is normal only to the extend that it can be used while in a self-conscious state…

For anyone in this day to say that powers of clairvoyance, telepathy, etc. are not exercised, is to admit his own ignorance.

Let me break this down for those who aren’t clear about some of the terminology above. The subjective means beneath the threshold of conscious, or the subconscious. Holmes also uses the word subjective in conjunction with the creative force of the mind. He says that the Subjective Mind—that space in the ether holding unused energy—is like the soil producing what we plant in the fertile ground. The Subjective Mind is subordinate to the Conscious Mind that makes the decisions to plant the seeds or the ideas.

So, the truth, I believe, Holmes seeks to maintain in this entire scenario is that we all have psychic power. To deny it would be to say that Jesus was a charlatan when he read the mind of the woman at the well. He says:

Jesus… was able to tell the woman she had been married five times, and that the man with whom she was then living was not her husband. Jesus read that out of the woman’s thoughts, but he did it while in an objective state, for he was able to consciously and objectively exercise his subjective faculties.

This, Holmes say, “is perfectly normal.”

However, the use of psychic power needs to be for a purpose and in conjunction with a conscious state of mind. This would lead me to believe that Holmes does not believe it is good for one to go into a trance and let his/her conscious mind be used by another spirit. Holmes says very plainly that this kind of psychic behavior would be detrimental.

I know, that all of this Science of Mind text is sometimes as difficult to understand as Revelations in the Bible. However, I have found that just taking a small bite of it every day has led me to great insight about so many different aspects of metaphysics. I highly recommend reading it.

Nonetheless, Holmes is just one person’s point of view. He makes some relevant points, though, concerning psychic power. Perhaps, I’ll spend more time on these in the next few blogs.


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