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If an annoying message keeps popping up on your computer, you generally fix the technical problem. You may assume you’ve encountered a virus and reboot the computer using yesterday’s information. You, generally, can’t continue to use your computer without dealing with the problem. However, if you’re mind keeps sending the same messages to you over and over again; most often, you avoid confronting the issue and let your life be compromised by the old messages. Why is that so?

When lessons are like metaphors in life, they seem so simple. Of course, a virus on your computer is anything but simple. However, most of the time, viruses have fixes. I’ve heard of some people having to wipe a computer clean and scrub it to get a virus out of the mainframe, which often means losing all data that’s on the computer. As hard as that sounds, I wish mind viruses were that simple to clear.

When a destructive message plants itself in your brain from PTSD or a terrible life situation, any person who experiences the resulting mental anguish would love to remove his/her brain, extricate the malfeasance, and continue on without the virus. However, the idea—though it sounds amazing—will never happen.

Psychological problems that result in negative mind messages, usually result in chemical addiction or psychotropic drugs to avoid the thoughts. That’s the bad news. The good news is that changing your mind, through therapy, though it may be the hardest problem you’ve ever solved, is actually an option. One more option exists, and it’s not the one most people imagine will save anyone from mental anguish—spiritual recovery!

Spiritual recovery quotes are all over Facebook, daily. These quotes are loving thoughts and poignant reminders that are used to overlook the negatives in your life and focus in on a positive suggestion. The key to these spiritual affirmations working to create change in your thought process is simple. You must use them. You must talk to yourself, inquire about psychological issues, and then change your own mind using the affirmation. The reason why these affirmation become a temporary fix is because most people don’t believe the new thought with all of their heart.

Believing an affirmation takes the use of your deductive, reasoning mind. You must have pertinent life situations that cause you to believe in the new thought. If you don’t, it’s like beating a dead horse. No life will come of the usage of any affirmation. For me, I consider the bones of the affirmation. How does this new thought affect me? Can I believe this truth with my entire being? What facts from my past lead me to trust wholeheartedly in this different idea?

For example, my affirmation for this week is: “All fear is a lack of belief that Spirit is founded in love and that I am one with that same Spirit!” As I train my mind to believe in this truth, rather than lack, I must first convince myself that all the bones of this new idea appeal to my sense of logic. I say to myself, I believe that I am created by God; therefore, having the power to create prosperity and also see myself as a part of God, a conduit of all that is God. I, also, know that, in God, there is no lack at all. So, deductively, I can conclude that Bo’s abundance = God’s abundance.

Every time a fearful thought about lack comes into my mind, I remind myself of this pertinent thought. I must take every negative thought into captivity and change it for this process to work. Changing your mind takes diligence. But, when you wake up and realize that your life has been wiped clean of an annoying virus because of releasing the thoughts that never have served you, you recognize that all of your hard work was worth every bit of your time. A mind scrubbed clean of old thought is a mind that experiences joy!

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