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In The Science of Mind we read: “…it is not the brain (of man) that does the thinking, for if the brain could think, it would keep on thinking when removed from the body. Yet, without a brain, a man could not think, which proves that something behind the brain uses it as an instrument. Man does think, so behind the brain there must be a Thinker. But where is the Thinker?”

Who doesn’t read the above and wonder about the difference between the physical brain and the Mind? I know, I certainly do. My first perceptions of this reality came when I realized I was talking to myself, or reasoning with myself. I thought, who is speaking to whom?

At this point, I realized that there was, quite possibly, a family of thinkers in my own brain. Wondering if I was sane or crazy, I asked a therapist friend of mine about this psychological conundrum. It turns that there is a science in psychology devoted primarily to this subject called IFS (Internal Family Systems), led by Dr. Richard Schwartz, Ph. D.

The theory behind IFS is that characters develop in our minds under certain circumstances—usually traumatic ones. These characters hold certain beliefs about our lives and either protect us, guard us from our own bad memories, or become heroes for us. (This entire scenario is not to be confused with multiple personalities, the mental illness. What I speak about is actually quite normal. With multiple personalities, usually one character is predominant and the mentally disabled person usually loses time when in that particular personality.)

The only reason I bring up IFS is because for characters to exist in the mind, there must be a Source that is not the physical brain to function in a way that actually communicates with itself. The real challenge and wonder of the Science of Mind is that by “recognizing the mind and brain are separate, and that the mind governs the brain,” we actually can remodel our thinking. This is the premise on which the science of psychology is based.

So, to sum up, the only way we can study our own minds and change our beliefs in ourselves is to, first, consider that we have One Mind that is greater than the human brain and its autonomic functions. This One Mind is Cause. From this, we can begin to observe ourselves and make changes, or edits to the function of the physical brain. Alas, mental health may emerge. Let’s hope so!


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