Psychology vs. Religion: Where the Two Shant Meet

Yesterday, while waiting for Allen to finish his workout (he ran about 20 minutes longer than I—because he can), I sat in the lobby of the YMCA and read the local Christian magazine. As I leafed through the pages, I noticed two articles about psychology that intrigued me. I guess I wondered more if the articles would diverge from the science of psychology to fit the belief of the Christian Psychologist.

Over the years of my life, I have watched as proclaimed therapists and psychologist have eschewed the science of psychology to try to warp people’s minds by trying to “convert” them from homosexuality, transsexuality, and different ways of thinking that don’t converge with the bias of their belief. These articles I’d read were no different. I feel as if the articles would have gone down a scientific path based on actual studies and informed research, had the authors not had to pander to the religious bias of the magazine.

This bothers me as much as a political or religious figure pretending to be anti-gay, when some of his or her best friends just happen to be gay. Some even have family members battling it out, as we’ve seen recently the former Vice President’s daughters feuding bipartisan imbalance where gay meets religion. Seriously? How many states and federal agencies have to proclaim we have rights before the religious right stops its defiance over gay people’s first amendment rights?

Personally, I’m tired of people pretending to be gay-friendly, when they vote for political leaders who stymie the opportunity for the entire United States to be fair and equal concerning GLBT rights. Many gay people pay a lot of taxes, just as much, probably, as some of the very wealthiest in the U.S. We deserve to be treated like first-class citizens.

Psychology is by definition the “scientific” study of the mind and its functions. It’s not the religion of the mind and it’s functions. So, can psychology and religion merge when bias exists? From what I’ve seen in Christian counseling, I don’t believe it can. Now, I have to say that plenty of religions have overcome the bias and are working to merge these new beliefs with the counseling that goes on in their churches. But religions such as Pentecostal, which is where I have my roots, Catholicism, Baptists, and Church of Christ, Hinduism, and many other strong rule-based religions still will seek to find their own form of counsel instead of bending toward the scientific.

In my religion (either Unity or Centers of Spiritual Living) is where psychology and religion actually meet, which is a quieting relief. No bias exists about any culture or sexuality, so love and peace is taught instead of intolerance. How can you NOT buy into a religion that is about spreading love instead of prejudice and hate?

It’s time for people who have family and friends who walk the path of intolerance, stand up for yourself and extricate these people from your lives. You only allow them their because you don’t have the faith in your own truth. If you believed in yourself and in your power as a son or daughter of God, no matter what anyone says or does concerning that belief, you wouldn’t tolerate disharmony in your life. I make laws against it. If someone in my life even hints at being anti-gay in their voting or belief, I simply let them go from my intimate life. I’m not saying I’m unfriendly or exchange my tolerance for their intolerance. I’m merely sharing that I dismiss them from any intimacy in my life.

If we all did this (gay and gay friendly), we probably would have a clearer picture of right and left in the country. Perhaps, there would be a lot less people floundering in the middle, and way more on the left. Who knows, really, until people quit trying to balance in the middle.



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