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I awoke this morning after a dream about my childhood with an anxious heart. I wanted to jump up from the bed and scream, but I lay still and crawled closer to my partner. He didn’t understand what I was feeling, so he wasn’t able to help me with trauma one experiences who has had a Post Traumatic event in his or her past.

I’m writing this because I realized that after I took my dog for a walk and thought about it, I have been playing the same role of a child with my partner and needed to be transparent about what had happened and how we both could deal with it as adults in the perfect present.

When you have a PTSD moment that is triggered by an action, dream, thought, smell, or event, your heart automatically goes into fear. Depending on the event, you could even show signs of disorientation. For me, this wasn’t a bad event. I was just triggered a bit and felt, for about 30 minutes, that I was back in that sexually abusive environment.

This causes, for some people, a state called Sensory Defensiveness. If you have never heard of this disease, believe me, it’s real. All of your senses get heightened to the point that a touch can feel like a stab wound, a smell can be caustic, and even a kiss can feel like someone you love is smothering you. The result is “Fight of Flight” mode for the physical mind and body. Many studies of PTSD show that this trigger superseded the rational brain. So, no matter what you know about yourself or your past, you still must recognize that a trigger could happen, and have resources in place to talk you down from your fear.

Sensory defensiveness is treated with occupational therapy. Two of the things that are most used in the easing of the defensiveness are weight and light brushing of the skin. The reason why these are used is because the PTSD causes neural pathways to fire fast and erratically. Weight and light brushing causes confusing to the neural pathways and the effect is generally an easing of the symptoms.

So, this morning, had I been transparent with my partner and explained to him ahead of time how to deal with an event like this, this is what it may have looked like:

I awaken with fear. He awakes and notices I’m withdrawn and my heart is racing. I tell him that I have had a bad dream. He asks me what the dream is about. I tell him that the dream was about my childhood. I recognizes that my PTSD came from a childhood event, so must assume that I am triggered. He goes into HELP mode. What he can do is help me to breathe slowly. Maybe even breathe with me for a while, very gently rubbing me with just his finger tips, so soft you may feel like you just touching the hair not the skin. If I have a weighted blanket or pillow or weighted vest, he may reach for that and put it over me. This gives the person the bundled effect that a baby feels when he’s crying in the night.

So, the end result would have been a tender moment of help, instead of a withdrawal and misunderstanding. Because of my work with self-inquiry, I was able to ask myself questions about why I felt the way I did. As a result, I came up with a solution that not only helped me, but also helped my partner understand me a little better and soothe my misbegotten pain.

I hope this helps those of you who suffer from trauma in the past.

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