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Last night, around three in the morning, I awoke to a frightening sound. My dog screamed in a way I have never heard before. I jumped up and went to his side and immediately held him. He awoke and stopped, put his head on in my arm and fell back to sleep. In a moment, again, he began to scream. This time, I encouraged him to wake up completely and recognize my presence with him. I made sure he was looking at me, before I let him go back to sleep. In a moment, he jumped off of the bed and into the safe place he goes when it storms. He stayed there the rest of the morning.

When I awoke a few hours later to take him for a walk, I contemplated the hours before, wondering about his dream. We know that the Mind, even of a dog, has consciousness, proven by science, especially as it relates to the part of his mind that is instinctual—the fight or flight mechanism. With this thought, I wondered if he had had some sort of trauma before I adopted him at six weeks old. I know that since we have been together for nine years I have never mistreated him, so I would only have to assume that this trauma would have to have happened before then. OR, maybe the more likely, Coco was picking up on something spiritually that I may need to investigate.

In earnest and with the help of my prayer partner, we have been discussing the nature of spirit within our pets. David, my prayer partner, feels that because we invest so much love in our dogs and cats, that often these animals move to a higher spiritual density as a result of a lifetime with a caring human. I know that a large majority of my unadulterated love goes directly to my dog and no one else, especially at this time when I’m single. I cuddle with him, tell him I love him, and he, in turn, gives me all kinds of puppy love.

His dream happened during a time that I had gotten up to go to the bathroom, and just before, decided to meditate. So, I was half awake and alert enough to jump to his attention when he screamed. I have to wonder, given the amount of spiritual energy present in the room during deep meditation, that something scared him spiritually. If so, I’d have to imagine that it was something that was not positive energy. I believe that animals are very sensitive to negative energy from spirits. Coco also is my ultimate protector on this earth. That being said, if he saw something negative in his dream that wanted to hurt me, he may be led to send out a warning in the only way he knew how—one that sounded louder and more intense than any trumpet.

If we can conceive this to be true, then what happens when you discover that there may be some kind of negative spiritual entity around you that is seeking to harm or stop you from doing what you want in your life? Have you ever had a spiritually insightful friend investigate such a thing?

Personally, I feel as if I am constantly in the protection of all the God love and energy that is around me. I feel as if nothing could harm me when I’m in this divine space. But what happens when my mind is slips into negative thinking and adopts depression or anxiety? Is this a time when negativity has a chance to move past my divine borders? Perhaps, so.

There is certainly evidence that negative energy exists in this world. If it exists in this world, it must also exist in spirit. We have been told, even in ancient scriptures, that this negativity must be rebuked and sent away in the name or in the nature of the Christ (anointing) within us. In other words, we have power over any negative spirit that would try to harm our bodies or stop our intentions from happening. We have this by simply speak your truth to whatever spirit may be trying to fight our positive impact on the world. Here is the prayer I say in this case:

“I am made and created in perfect union with God. I am the progeny of Source, which would mean I am a mirror image of the one power that began all and continues to sustain it in and through me.

“All power that has been given to me as a child of God, I use now to call the angels and spirits of positivity to my side to protect my intentions, my dreams, and my physical body. To any negative spirits that would seek to step into my divine path, I command them to be gone and send these negative spirits, as Jesus did, to the dry lands, releasing all power they may have over me or my intentions.

“I know this truth is mine to keep, hold, and sustain because I am continually channeling the power and intention of Source on this Earth and in this universal intellectual property.”


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