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When I teach a yoga class, I never use the word push or pull. Those words tend to make people stretch into their muscles too much harshly and without introspect, and causes injuries. But, in life, with business, in finance, and with relationships, each takes a special version of pressing forward—some take more caution than others.

For the Body:
Sometimes we have to crank the engine to get our butts off of the couch and to the gym. Other times, we have to sit quietly and wait until an injury subsides before we use a muscle. Sometimes, we have to force ourselves to drink puréed kale. Other times, our bodies crave what it needs. But learning to listen to your body is essential, when it comes to the care of your human frame. Without sounding like I want you to be mentally ill, we have different voices in our brain. Our bodies actually have a voice. If you’ve ever been hungry or thirsty or in pain, you’ve heard the cantankerous sound of that voice. But, sometimes, with stretching and with exercise, even though the voice is loud, we hear an ever louder voice saying, “You have to get to this goal.” Or “your pose has to look like the person sitting in the front row with her tights clinging ever so closely to her slim body.” Nothing could be worse than ignoring your pain to mimic someone else’s actions. Learn to listen to your body and take heed!

In Life:
For most of life, the best we can do is be prepared. As an singing artist, you can have the perfect voice, the best looks, and an album that should sale to everyone who wants to listen. But, if the timing isn’t right, you won’t get off the cutting room floor. Who we are has little to do with our success. Our preparation in life, however, has EVERYTHING to do with our success. If you can learn to balance your skill with patience, you will live life with poise and peace. You will weather the hard times, continue with your skill, and take pleasure in the small steps forward.

In Relationship:
Nowhere in life is patience more important than with relationship. You can’t push it. You can’t prod it. You can’t even nudge it, sometimes. Relationship is like a caterpillar in a cocoon. Gestation has an appropriate time, then the butterfly eats through the hard shell to learn to fly. You will fall many times before you learn this lesson, but learn it, you will. Jesse met Jana at a time when both thought God brought them together. She wanted a baby before she was out of her twenties, he wanted sex and was a devout enough Christian to wait for marriage to lose his virginity. Both rushed into relationship for two different reasons. They didn’t take time to get to know each other, or themselves, for that matter. When their first child was two, they entered counseling. When he was five, they divorced. After Jesse finally had sex with his wife, he realized that Christianity wasn’t the reason he waited for sex, homosexuality was. No counseling can resolve that problem. After five long years of trying to have sex, when there was no desire, he finally came clean with his wife and counselor and divorced. He loved her, but it was the wrong kind of love for sustenance.

In Finance and Business:
If any part of life requires a passionate surge forward, finance and business tops the list. Again, you must be prepared with education and a brand or product. However, most people I know who are successful have more drive than they have education. I know some people who haven’t even graduated high school but have such a great work ethic. Their business acumen is natural and stellar, so their businesses thrive.
I, also, believe that finding peace in your finance has much to do with your ability to curb your spending until you have established a firm foundation for your finances. Many people over spend in the first two years of their success. They buy large homes and fancy cars, when they have a windfall of finance, only to find that the next year they have overspent and can’t afford the rich lifestyle. Be smart about your business and save for the seasons when your business may slack off a bit. Balance waiting for opportunity with diligence in your seeking. Then make a consistent move forward with education and even volunteering, if need be, to show God and the universe you are serious about your desires!

So, you see that each portion of your life takes a different kind of surge forward. Decipher the voices in your mind. Listen to reason! And balance education with patience.

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