Putting Away the Old; Beginning Again

As I grow older, the idea of having to start anything over feels like the last time I wrote a 20-page thesis and didn’t save it before my computer crashed. You want to punch something—hard! Yet, life affords us to start again every day, every minute, even, every second. We don’t have to acquiesce to old behavior for more than the time it takes us to say, “Enough of that. I’m made for something much greater!”

Moving to a new place has afforded me many opportunities, the least of which is to start everything new. I say least of which, because yesterday I had a major meltdown about feeling lost and lonely. Everything felt a little too new, especially relationships. I couldn’t shake the funk.

I reached out to a couple of my counselor friends, did some aerobics, and took a long, pouty nap. When I got up, three hours later, I felt as if the majority of my sappy attitude had vanquished. I’m not sure what or how I let go, but let go I did.

Last night was New Year’s Eve. I had been invited to three parties, which is interesting, because back in Nashville, I was lucky to be invited to any parties. I was apprehensive to go to a party with a bit of a funk still lingering in my auric field, especially with people I barely knew. The first party I went to happened to be at my church. I got there early and went into the fellowship hall to find people setting up for this quiet New Years party.

I slipped off into the church where they had had a burning bowl service that morning. The pieces of paper for the service were still on a table in the back of the sanctuary. Two pages were ready for me to write: 1.) things I’m ready to let go of from last year; and 2.) things I want to attract into my life for the New Year.

I took the time to sit in the silence by myself and fill out the paper. I found that the “letting go” part was rather simple. It’s easy to see what didn’t work in my life. But, when I got to what I wanted to attract to my life, I spent more time deliberating and wording my aspirations correctly. I realized, immediately, that as I let go of bad investments that gave me no return on my time and effort, that I didn’t want to replace relationship with anything but a better perception of what to look for, even in friendship and work, to keep me from living in that void again. The other important aspect I wanted to attract to my life was prosperity of all kinds. I decided it was time to flourish. I had waited long enough to be all that I had been designed and created to be.

After I slipped my page of desires into a box in the back of the church, I quickly ripped up the page of old beliefs and ideas. When I had completed my own personal burning bowl service, a friend walked into the church and gave me a big bear hug. The entire night became an opening to something positive and powerful—every moment was new. With my intention, I became destined for a better place.

Don’t you think it’s time, this year, to release all that no longer serves you and to let all of your talents and delights rise to the surface and manifest the good that comes with living your passion?

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