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I lived a large part of my life in the south, where people find the “polite” way of saying nasty things, mostly when the things themselves are meant to sting. When I saw the term, avoirdupois, in my daily reading, I thought, this is probably a word that began its use in the south. It is an old measure of weight for wool, but was used in England and in the early 1900s in the states to mean someone who was putting on the pounds. Alas, “He was putting on the avoirdupois like nobody’s business!” was something you might hear behind someone’s back who was gaining weight.

Of course, after having had my own weight issues for a few years and even, perhaps, a bit of body dysmorphia about it, I wondered just how many people are entering a time of year when their primary worry is about how many pounds they will gain during the holiday. I know it has run through my mind, especially since I am starting out the season five pounds overweight. So, this means, if my usual 10 pound gain over the holidays happens, I will be 15 pounds over weight. In January, I am looking to have to spend two entire months doing extra aerobics, eating salads everyday, and doing more sit ups than I’d care to do. Is it really worth it?

I am hoping that I can convince myself, before the season, to stop this habit before I gain too much weight. At Thanksgiving, I tried something new and actually maintained homeostasis. In other words, I neither gained nor lost, primarily because I simply ate turkey, ham, vegetables and salad for dinner with only one spoonful of lasagna. Then, when it came time for dessert, I had a 1/2 slice of pumpkin pie. That is what I ate for the entire day, except at night, when I ate a 1/2 piece of apple pie without the crust.

Can you see the way I’m working here? I am getting the taste of the delicious parts, without the heavy carbohydrates accumulating faster than my metabolism can handle them. Notice on my plate there was no stuffing or mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving. I wanted them. But, I made a choice. Which would I rather have: 1/2 piece of pie or stuffing or mashed potatoes?

I can always have mashed potatoes. I’m not too crazy over bread stuffing. But, pumpkin pie is kind of the spirit of the season. I did not say to myself, like many of clients choose: “I’m going to be bad today, so, I’m just going to stop thinking about my weight for one day and eat anything I want!”

This kind of thought is just simply a bad choice. You don’t cross the street one day and decide that you are not going to think today, because you’re tired! No, you protect your body from harm. You look both ways and make the safest choice.

It is not as if diabetes, heart conditions, morbid obesity, and blood pressure is not a result of overeating. These medical conditions, especially in the United States are very much a result of many people, during the holidays, simply releasing all of their inhibitions and desires to be healthy—for what—a belly ache?

I know this is what happens to me. Overeating is like having a bad hangover. My blood sugar skyrockets. Then it bottoms out, making me even hungrier for the next meal or a snack, later. It’s a never-ending cycle of bad behavior.

Make a choice this holiday to simply whittle away at the carbs during dinner, so that you can have that 1/2 a piece of dessert. I guarantee, if you keep up your exercise regimen, you’ll do way better than everyone else around you with weight loss. You may stay at the same weight or gain one or two pounds. But, in January when most people are trying to lose 15-20 pounds of unwanted weight, you will have your two pounds off in a week.

Happy eating!


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