Racecar Consciousness—Meditating from the Divine Masculine Energy

As I sat down to meditate this morning, I realized it was three hours later than I normally quiet my mind. I am usually awake before everyone at 5-5:30 a.m. so that I can already be quiet and sit in the stillness that had manifested during my sleep. However, yesterday was much like driving in the fast lane all day, going from one appointment to the next commitment. By the time I settled in to bed, last night, it was much later than normal. So, this morning’s ritual did not happen on schedule.

Today, after I walked the dog, washed my face, felt the morning dew on my feet, and already began planning the day, I had to work from what I call racecar consciousness to get to my meditative space. This is more like using the masculine energy of spirit that is the active part of the whole, as opposed to the female energy, which is the gestating, nurturing part of the soul. The technique to move into meditation from an active space is much different than from the quiet space of just waking up.

After I readied my space for meditation (a recliner that I put in an upright position, but with my feet out and pillows under my knees to keep my back relaxed), I added a meditation Mp3 to my process. You are welcome to have a free copy of this Mp3, simply by emailing me at bosebastian5@gmail.com. It cost me nothing but a minute of my time to attach this to your email. So, take advantage of it, if you feel it will help you into quietness, as it does me.

I created this Mp3 with the idea of hypnosis and progressive relaxation, to take me from an active mind to a peaceful mind. As a trained hypnotherapist, one of the most important aspects of developing a quiet mind is to learn how to relax the body with the conscious mind. So, this Mp3 relaxes the body using the tools of your divine consciousness (where your observer mind and your body become one), readying your mind to do the great work of creation when your body and mind fall into a quiet place.

I use an image derived from quantum physics called the Unified Field of Consciousness to express a picture in mind that projects the tiniest subatomic particle I can imagine. I know that this particle is exactly the same in my body than it is in Universal Consciousness. I think of this image as a tiny wave.

I, then, find a feeling in my body. It could be hunger in my stomach, a pain in my neck, or simply my eyes, feeling like pools of water in my eye socket. I think about moving from this bodily feeling to the smallest subatomic particle of the physical feeling. Then, I overlay it, much like a graphic artist would place transparent images on top of each other. With that image of the wave of the universe’s subatomic particle, I imagine that the two waves are exactly alike.

By doing this, I affirm in my own mind that my Divine Consciousness is made from the very same substance as Universal Consciousness. The substance is the same in all created and uncreated matter in the universe, which quantum physics has proven—in my friends, my family, and the substance of the subjective field of consciousness, which is the energy of the universe that is purely creative and used to express and out-press our dreams into effect.

By this time, my body is perfectly still and I’m ready to begin to either relax into the whole of Universal consciousness or create something from a thought—planting seeds into the subjective field for God to grow in the perfect timing.

I realize that this Discovery has a great deal of technical theory in it. Reread it a few times to digest the differences between Universal Consciousness, Divine Consciousness, and the Subjective Field of Consciousness. They are all different, but One.


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