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The past few days, a river of tears have flowed through me—a delayed vessel, waiting for take-off orders. My plane will ascend to my next stop when it’s filled with fuel, emptied of the last flight’s luggage, and properly cleaned from the mess that the recent passengers have left. I feel somewhat comfortable with that concept, though, my human self gets antsy waiting for my new journey. This is interesting, because I have little idea of what I’ll be doing when I get to Florida.

I have been dreaming about things I want to do, but have made no solid plan; which is completely unlike me. I am the person for 20 years who would take 2 weeks off every January to make a prospectus for the next year. This is probably why I have written 13 books, recorded 6 healing CDs and video taped and edited one Yoga DVD. I’m tired of the planning and getting only so far. I want to let the wind take me now.

My new destination hold the first time in my life I haven’t had a list of goals waiting to be accomplished. I want this phase to be like a sailboat afloat in the sea, undulating with the waves and carried by the wind.

A client was in my office today. We talked about our similar experience. She, too, is leaving Nashville, to be with family and to get married and have children with her soul mate. My story lacks the latter part, but I can imagine that, too, (the married part) may happen sometime soon. If you are a friend of mine, you know I have a history of dating once and ending up in relationship. I’m just that kind of guy—a serial monogamist, I’ve been told. I like someone and stay focused on that one person until I see if he’s the one.

I was surprised when the last guy I felt like I was sort of dating, (texting 3-4 times a day and Facetiming almost every night for at least 30 minutes—that to me is dating), told me that he wanted to go out on a date with someone else. He asked me if that was okay. I told him it made my stomach sick to think he would be kissing someone else. I was being completely honest and transparent. But, he made the valid point that neither of us were in a place of commitment, yet, so dating other people should be okay.

I have talked to many people about this since my conversation with my dating friend, and people are divided on the subject. Some say that when you find someone you like, you have to give him your complete attention; otherwise, you may miss out on the very thing you have been looking for—commitment. Then, the opposing view is that: by dating a few people at a time, you have the opportunity to see who suits you best.

Really? Are people icon or clothes? Can we really date a few people, try them on, and see who fits best out of the few? What if that person turns out to be a jerk once you commit to him. (This has happened to me before.) Of course, my recent ex turned out to be a jerk after a year of complete commitment and no fights. So, who knows, at this point. I’m willing to learn. “REALLY, GOD, I’M WILLING TO LEARN THIS LESSON.”

For me, when I find security and truth and authenticity in a man, and there is an organic attraction there, I want to find out if the relationship can manifest into something special. Granted, I don’t just fall for people who don’t have the proper prerequisites for relationship. I make sure a person is single, available, relationship-oriented, and gay, before I make this choice. But, as a client once told me who had read the book: Attached. by Amir Levine, I am definitely falling in line with anxious attachment behavior.

I would agree in some part. But, I am also in line with secure behavior, too. The part of me that wants to share my life with someone and is completely transparent is the secure person. The man who is consumed with the idea that somehow a relationship will sweep me away, even when signs tell me otherwise, is the anxious one. So, maybe I could do with a little more conventional dating, and a little less committing.

Does anyone have anything to offer to this conversation from real experience? Have any of you focused on one person and ended up in a successful, long-term relationship? Or what has dating a few people brought you? Is either a choice, or is one a better and a conclusive way to find the person of your dreams? I’m open to suggestions. Write a comment and I’ll follow up when I read them.

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