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When listening to someone singing off pitch or hearing an orchestra that has instruments out of tune or playing the wrong notes, anyone who has working ears can detect discord. Inharmonious music is our greatest metaphor for the discord that exists around us. It’s easy to see, but not so easy to correct.

I taught singing lessons for a long time. Teaching someone to learn the basics of how to make sound correctly is not so difficult. Teaching a person to sing on pitch; now, that is a problem that is hard to correct. It takes diligence and the complete cooperation of the student of truth.

What I noticed is that I always had to start from the mind of the student, because somewhere along the line, in his or her past, a mean person—out of harmony—told that individual that he or she could not sing, didn’t have a voice, and had to shut up!

So, I had to spend much of my initial time helping that individual recognize that everyone deserves the right to a voice. And that voice needs to learn to harmonize with the pitch that it hears.

The most effective way I taught this was to play a note on the piano and to ask the student of truth to sense when he or she was “individualizing” (trying to hear himself outside of the music) or, the opposite—feeling as if he or she were merging with the sound (harmonizing).

So, I would play a note. The person would sing back to me what he or she thought I played. Then, the most important part of this exercise, we would hold the note together—facing each other. Almost immediately, the person could detect when he or she was off pitch, simply by contrast. If you sing an off-pitch note at the same time I am singing the note on pitch, it is rare one cannot hear the discord. So, with many times of practice, a student learns to be in harmony with the music around him or her.

This is a lesson of the mind, first, and then a practical approach of teaching the body how to conform to the mind’s belief of itself. This is the metaphor of learning to harmonize with all that God created in harmony with Itself.

I look at the sky. I look at the birds flying effortlessly in the sky. I see the sun shining and the ducks floating in harmony with the lake, leaving beautiful trails of small waves behind. I know that these examples are the harmony of the universe.

I want to be and to exist AS that harmony, every day and every moment. So, to do that, I must see where I individualize. In other words, where my own ego pushes me out of the way of harmony. I recognize this by comparing myself with what is harmonic in the universe—side by side. Then, it is easy to see when my heart and mind are in discord or are struggling with what is so beautifully resonating in harmony around me.

When I discover when and where I’m in discord, then I find it easy to confess a truth that supersedes my old belief. If I see abundance all around me in the ocean, in the vast fields, in the planets and universe, and I compare my own sense of lack with this; I immediately know I’m in discord.

Then, I simply confess what I see, what God has created in harmony. And, I know, completely, unequivocally, that I am one AS THIS HARMONIOUS CREATION OF GOD! An example of what I might confess is this:

“I know God created all of what I see in harmony with Itself. I, too, was created in harmony. The only thing that is keeping from harmony is myself, my thoughts and disbelief. So, right now, I choose to believe that all I need, I will ever need, is available for me when I ask!”




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