Recurring #Dreams: What Do They Mean?

For the past thirty years I have had a recurring dream about being in a high school. Sometimes, I cannot find my locker. Other times, I cannot remember the combination of my locker. A few times, I’m late for class. Many times, I’m just simply lost in the hallways, not able to get to class. But the permeating and consistent factor in this recurring dream is being in a high school. So, the questions is: Why does this dream follow me in every path of my life and, even more so, why has it continued over the years?

Dreams are simply metaphor. Some times the metaphors are stronger than other times. This particular metaphor, for me, is a life long lesson, one that should spark a concerted effort to understand its significance. If I don’t listen, I’ll continually hear from my own subconscious mind (or from Spirit), until I learn the much-needed lesson.

The answer to the recurring dream is usually in the next episode of the dream. This morning, I had a vision during my meditation that I was in a NEW high school, a place where I had to ask the location of the principal’s office. The school, also, had a medical ward in one annex of the building, with surgeons and astute professors. Let’s break the dream down together and see if you can understand how to make sense of your own recurring dreaming patterns.

Many spiritual teachers believe that the earth is a big school for our spirits. I would have to say, this is also a personal belief. So, when I dream of a school, the metaphor usually has to do with some aspect of life in which I’m learning. For a long time, I dreamed of high schools. One day in my late forties, I found myself in a college atmosphere. I woke up amazed and proud, as if I had graduated from a twenty-year stay in high school.

However, the school that presented itself in my dream this morning was a teaching school, much like Vanderbilt University, connected to a hospital, for practitioners and doctors in training. Everything was new, very much like my different and brand new atmosphere in Southern Florida. The situation was simple to decipher.

However, one part of the dream had me walking into a professor’s office. She asked me to get her a cup of coffee. I told her that I wasn’t a worker or an assistant. I was a student. Getting her coffee wasn’t one of my duties. However, I got her a cup of coffee out of the kindness of my heart. She looked at me with a perplexed stare then ordered the next person who passed her to do something else.

This person, was the primary character of the dream, which means, usually, that this is part of my own personality presenting itself in an observer way for me to see a part of myself I’m not privy to. However, my personal belief is that in recurring dreams, the main character plays a different role. He or she usually is the only part of the recurring dream that actually changes. So, its significance is paramount in understanding the dream.

Let’s look at the attributes of this arrogant character. This was an older woman. She didn’t have an understanding of how to treat a subordinate. She was bossy. Though she may have been there to teach me, personally, she acted as if I were her slave. She didn’t pay attention to me. And, though she was mean, I still was nice to her.

When I look at all of these attributes, I immediately think of my family and dynamics with my mother, right now. Our school is our current situation in life. Mine happens to be living with, and around, most of my family members, for the first time in thirty years. Some of my family is bossy. Some think they can order me around. A couple are angels, but usually get stepped on by the others. Some just simply ignore what anyone has to say.

So, this dream appears to be telling me that I should beware that this new school has the ability to either incapacity me with frustration, as family members do whatever they want without my approval or desire. And, if I’m to learn to be a student in this school, I had better find the clear path to the principal’s office, which means the place where the rules are made! In this case, I believe that the principal’s office means that I need to make some clear boundaries; otherwise, I will not be happy in this place in my life.

I hope this helps you to look at some recurring dreams you may have had in your life.



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