Recurring Flatulence: Normal? #farting #gas #flatulence

Recurring Flatulence: Normal?
#farting #gas #flatulence

Farting is not something people talk about unless they make a joke about it, yet it can be a really big problem socially, in relationship, and physically. Most of us have an occasional gas problem, especially when we eat foods that produce gas, such as potatoes, beans, broccoli, asparagus, anything in the cabbage family, wheat (a big problem), artichokes, onions, pears and milk. But, the real problem isn’t so much the gas, but the smell of the gas. Some people’s flatulence can go undetected, yet others smell up the room. I bet you don’t even know what makes gas smell sometimes and sometimes not. I know I didn’t until I researched it.


First of all, every person naturally lets off about 20 farts in a day, because that is just about how much gas an average person must release. The problem, however, is not the natural gas passing through the body, but when sulfates and bacteria add to this non-smelling gas, and poor digestion, then the gas takes on a very foul odor. You would think that the food that causes excessive gas would be the problem with the odor, but it’s not. The problem with odor forms with the gas is generally from foods with sulfates, such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, anything in the cabbage family, cauliflower, bok choy. Other foods rich in sulfur are meat, especially beef and pork, whole cow’s milk, garlic, onions, horseradish, and sulfite preserved foods such as wine and dried fruit. Sorry, wine drinkers. Your smelly gas might be because of the half bottle of wine you consume with dinner—that and the big, juicy steak. Leave that out and the gas from the beans won’t even smell.

I remember when I was about 28, I had a fiancée that told me that, if I didn’t go to the doctors because of my bad smelling gas, she was going to drag me by my ear. I did end up going, and much to both of our dismay, at that time, the doctor didn’t even know what caused bad smelling gas. He gave me some antacid and told me to lay off of the meat, which really is one of the primary causes of the foul of gas. However, I spent the next 17 years a vegetarian, and little changed. In fact, the sulfate problem with the cabbage-like vegetables kicked bigger than the meat problem.

When I really saw a major difference in the bloating and gas was when I got off of wheat and wheat products entirely. Yes, I’d have to say that wheat was the cause of 90% of my stomach problems, now that I look back. I simply loved bread and pasta more than any other food. I remember telling friends I could live on a cheese and fruit plate with Italian bread. After becoming gluten free, I have had much less odorous gas and much less acidy feeling in my abdomen and in my intestines. Hallelujah, Jesus! There was a cure after all.

Going gluten free isn’t such a problem as most people think. The gluten-free industry is now a 5 billion dollar industry and growing exponentially, daily. Most of my good friends and family are now gluten free. The extra money you spend on the gluten free products, such as bread, pasta, and baking mixes, are small compared to the difference in the way you feel, the decreased bloating in your stomach, and the weight you automatically lose just by watching the wheat. The greatest benefit is that the craving for sweets diminishes with time, and you find yourself picking healthier choices without even realizing it. I recommend it highly.



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