Reflections from a Shard of Life

Can you see my heart broken from the shard you stole? Who made this beating tempest a fragile crystal? Are these shards pieces of a puzzle, glued back together indiscriminately for your next laugh? Or, can I protect this perfect, artist’s rendition and still see its reflective lessons in the brokenness of life?

One magnanimous living creature, we are. My folly is your foil. Even though, sometimes, you hold our fragile shard like pirate’s booty at the end of your zipper, mocking me as you pass your body around like small tokes in a circle. As you wear mine like a trophy, I use the remaining pieces to tether my heart, causing it to reflect more light. I’m an incomplete prism, now, like stalactites in a temple of solitude. Enlightened, I’ll use this dream like prison bars, not to keep me in, but for you to never again enter my peace. I look out from a crystalline life, settled in my spiritual purview, protected by my own brokenness.

I’ll let spirit deliver the remains to you. I offer it like shards of wisdom for free, for you to do with, learn from, or throw away. They are yours, too.

You must know, my expectation of love was mine, from the beginning. What lessons I’ve learned, on my belly, crying, screaming, inching my way toward truth, I uttered your name to God, wondering your purpose.

“Make peace from your sliver of pain,” I hear in the silence. “Time to live your life now, full and rich, alone for the viewing.”

I stand amidst chaos, looking for peace, and see you beyond my reach. Let me go! You carry me way too far into the deep. I long to paddle through the shallow end, snorkeling for beauty, taking comfort in ebbs and flows. Perhaps, you will return for your lesson—perhaps, not….

I stand taller in this end, sinking comfortably, deeper into earth’s discomfort. The life-waves not only sway and dance with me, but my toes, now like roots, steady me. Amazed by the beauty of creation—even you—playing the brilliant role of antagonist, I touch our broken shard less and less, as it becomes a grand gesture of the whole. You did your part. I must do mine—alone and off to a new journey.


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